Saturday, January 12, 2008

New House overload

We move so very soon, which tickles me pink, and orange, and green too! I truly am excited now that we have passed the "make a million phone calls a day" stage, and the "you want how much money by when?" phase. Everything is in order, except the colors that our new house will be.
I am lost in a mad world of inspiration! We went to a Color your World store today and found some colors we like for the kitchen, but then I came home and saw another color I liked. What is a girl to do! I find it hard to pull it all together, and very hard to find the links for the colors I wish I could show you.

I also spotted Dave looking at this website, which then got my mind going even more... How would these look in the hallway, or the bedroom, or the kitchen?
Or maybe this one... I think this one is truly my favorite.

I am trying to decide what I want my house to feel like. I have loved having a green living room, because it feels fresh all year long, coordinates with spring, fall, and especially Christmas without really feeling specific to any season. But then something comes over me and I start thinking I want an uber neutral house... but then I think I might regret not having green... oh dear me.
I want our house to feel warm, and cozy, to feel homey and trendy, and unique and beautiful. Maybe I am asking too much of a paint color, what do you think?


Lori said...

I love color!! I love the neutrals. I also love the greens. I just do not like all one color in every single room, essp if it's white!!! And I have no worries that you'll do that :) I do also really like the pattern thing, the 2nd one, I think you could do something really cool with that. And I think you should follow your heart and do use some green. It is almost a neutral because, like you say, it works with every season and is relaxing and happy. My kitchen is green, and it carries through to my living room, which is a neutralish yellow with green accents throughout. And I love it! This is so exciting!! When's your moving day?

rachel z said...

Those are great colours, and the designs are super cool. Way cool. Cool like you. I was actually surprised at the colours you showed first. I was expecting orange or pink or green. If you go with a neutral background you can always spice it up with accent colours.

DAve & JAnie said...

thanks for the thoughts! Accent colors are very important, and I am still trying to think of a way to get green into the main floor (the bathroom will be green at least!).

dr riptide said...

How exciting! When is the big moving day?? How are things going with Corrina? I checked 'Hear we go' hoping for an update. Hope all's well and that she hearing and responding lots. By the way, did those knit vests I sent fit her? I know she's growing so fast, I wasn't sure if they'r be too small. Thinking of you...