Friday, April 04, 2008

Apparently my new favorite thing to do is forget to blog.  Now that I am (almost) done school for the semester I can 'remember' again!
We are alive and kicking these days. I have lists made, games planned, friends written in on the calendar! I am so into this change of season. Spring brings such fresh feelings inside my heart and mind! And I can see the freshness appearing all around me too. For instance, the grass in our new front yard is starting to surface from the crystal snow that has forced it into hibernation for so long. Many wonderful treats (beer cans, fruit snack packages, full bags of previous owners garbage) are starting to appear in the back yard too. It's almost like finding a beautiful secret garden underneath all the snow. Almost! We have been waiting a month and a half to find out what exactly will be in our backyard. So far garbage is out winning grass by a long shot, but there's still lots of melting to be completed; I'm just trying to stay optimistic with my gardening gloves close by instead of my garbage gloves. Either way, when we are done with our yard it will be grassy, flowery, and playable, with room for the car too! I bought seeds for a salad garden yesterday, as well as different varieties of flowers. I have climbing vines, cutting flowers, and even a raspberry plant! How are other people's springs shaping up?Easter came and went. It's so far back I can't really remember the events, but here are some pictures of Corrina going on her 8 egg easter hunt. I think that she only found like 6 that day, and saved the rest for surprise discoveries later that week:This is Corrina and her little friend K hanging out together at church on Easter. These two gals are just 2.5 weeks apart. Play ground time together is pretty funny. First they avoid one another, than they fight it out, leading to great intimacy which allows them to actually play together. Good times!

Oh, and these little babies I am so proud of! I LOVE french braid pigtails, and was so pleased when she sat long enough for me to get them in there!
That is it for now. Nothing new to report, nothing else to say that I can think of.
Enjoy the springing spring, where ever you are in the world!


rachel joy said...

great update Janie! Super cute braids. And your yard sounds perfect. Hope it's not an enormous task.

Claire Colvin said...

Just when I think she's reached maximum cuteness, you bust out the braids. Love it love it love it.

How is it that every kid on the planet knows how to play (and loves) the climb up an adults legs and flip over game? Good times, good times.

Sending you hugs,

Lori said...

I also love the braids and am very impressed that she sat long enough for you to accomplish them.