Friday, March 14, 2008

Corrina had her face painted for the first time last weekend at the children's museum. I was at home writing a paper, but when she came through the door she made sure i knew that she was a kitty, by pointing at her nose and saying "MEEEEOOOWWW"
Corrina and I painted easter eggs today, and made a happy easter banner out of them. I painted a few more than she did, but for a busy toddler she did very well at concentrating on the task! Corrina just dove right into this basket of laundry! I went to get the camera, of course by which time she had climbed out, but she was a great sport and 'modeled' her cute antics for me, over and over again! I just love my sweetie!

Here is a nice little movie of Corrina pointing out her eggs. Just remember folks, ya gotta be careful with that easter lingo!

Here is a nice little chat with Corrina. it is so neat that she can "talk" with us now! Love it!


rachel joy said...

That's way cool, Janers!

the guynups said...

corrina is such a sweetie- sharing her muffin and everything:) thanks for the video- it's so neat to get a glimpse into how great she's doing.
you are such fun and creative parents, i love checking out what you're up to and...stealing your awesome ideas!

Aimee said...

Loved hearing Corrina talking. What a miracle and blessing. She is a treasure.

And yes those easter words. I'm sitting by myself suppressing laughter but it is escaping. That was hilarious!

Sue said...


i love hearing her talk with you!!! to hear Mama must just be amazing for you!! how sweet adn delicious.

what a blessing children are, eh? glad you are all enjoying some art and fun and childhood stuff.


Anonymous said...

The pig tails are adorable, and it is so amazing to see and hear her talking! WOW!

Anonymous said...

I am anonymous. Sorry, it is hard to get used to leaving messages and having to sign them now that I don't have an account.