Monday, June 23, 2008

Summer Summer Summer

We mixed some food coloring and glitter into glue and corrina 'painted' on tracing paper. It dried rather neat!

A week or so ago we took Corrina to Kids Fest! It was such a great event, with amazing performances, activities, food, and of course people and kids! You can't really tell, but that's Fred Penner (at the fest every year since he is from MB) in the photo below. She actualy didn't want to sit and listen to him though. She was distracted by the police tent just outside and spent about 30 minutes just playing with the model lights and sirens they had set up!

As Corrina gets more patient with sitting I get more creative with hairstyles.
My garden is in, and growing (the most important part of course!).My neighbor gave me a bunch of bricks to line the edges with. It looks great! Don't have a picture of that though...
Tomatoes... that have doubled in size since planting, sweat peas at the back, and Zinnea as a border plant.

These are my nasturtium pre-planting... they are all dying now... The leaves are shriveling or going yellow. The stems are brittle. What do i do???? I LOVE nasturtium and want to save them. They are spread out, about 6 inches from one another, and i wove some leaves into the fence for support since they are a climbing type. Help!?


Lori said...

It must be just THRILLING to have a yard and a garden to work with! I'm so happy for you! And I have no advise for the nasturtiums - sorry!

Mom Colvin said...

Happy girl Corrina. She's growing up so fast and getting prettier each day. Love the variety of hairstyles.

Great garden shots - its looking good. Can't think what would be wrong with the nasturtiums except lack of water.

Thanks for a great blog.

Mom XX

Mom Colvin said...

I was just looking at the blog pics again and had a thought. Is that a yellow sun Corrina is painting at the top of her picture in the first photo? If it is, isn't that a bit advanced for a kid her age?

Look out art world - here comes Corrina!

love, Mom XX

DAve & JAnie said...

I don't know if it could qualify as a sun, although she did decide she was going to draw a kitty the other day (grabbed a sketch book, saw a kitty, said "itty at!" draw a circle thing with two pointy parts (ears), drew eyes (very well done actualy), attempted a triangle nose, added whiskers to the nose and eyes, and finished with a mouth on the forehead! Sounds pretty funny, but I was very impressed with her purposeful drawing! I'll have to look up 'art skills development' for her age group!

/rach said...

aw~~ sounds so cute. The sunny weather inspires play inside me, but I guess with a little one, you hardly need inspiration. I hope to see you guys one day soon!!~~~

Sue said...

oooooooh i haven't visited your blog in a while, but now i have a lot to catch up on!! :) haha.

looks like tons of fun! i love that you have a garden.... ooooh dirt!! :) happy growing!!

take care friends.

Sue said...

oh and, i can't believe how CLEAN Corrina is keeping herself while she paints!!!! is she always a tidy artist? :) very impressive!