Wednesday, July 09, 2008

It's greener on the other side

I am absolutely sure that most people really will not care at all about the photos I am about to post. But than, I am sure that mom and dad colvin will be happy to see them, and other horticultural freaks (not that mom and dad are in the category of freaks, they just have an interest in what we have done with our yard!)
Lush, Green Grass! Just starting of course! And as you can tell we haven't even finished laying down the dirt. Afternoons have been spent typing papers, or watching the rain. Both cause major dirt laying setbacks. But, the sun shines today!

My garden has really taken off since planting the seedlings. The only color right now is green, but that's what comes of growing annuals from seeds! Next year I will start a perennial garden, which will supply endless June/July color!
My Nasturtiums are growing just fine now!

These Zinnias will bear flowers eventually, brightening the garden space!

Dave finds the BEST toys for Corrina. Check out more here!!!

The Superfort (on sale for $20 at our Zellers!) really has endless possibilities for building.
Thanks Dad!

Have I posted a picture of our place since the white went out and the green came in? Well...
I am growing beans up along the fence in the front corners. Our house still looks so plain to me, and I really am not a plain Jane, so this is worrisome. I want color, pizazz, brightness, life, zing, zang, whatever... I just don't want blah beige and brown... but I am working on a budget here, any inspiration? Maybe I'll do a little search and post what I find.
I am thinking that wedding lanterns could be hung from various area, but even then, they are small little jars, with just a twinkling of color.
Time to hit the thrift store and the hardware store for some bright tremclad! But not on a whim, rather with divine direction and inspiration!


Claire Colvin said...

That looks like the very coolest fort building toy ever! Love it. Corrina's getting so big. I keep watching the WestJet sales and thinking maybe-ish thoughts. I want to come and visit.

Congrats on the grass. My suggestion for adding color to the house -- maybe paint the little roof over the door. It's a small area so it wouldn't be tons of paint but it would look great in a deep red or a green. A window box under the window on the main floor could also work. They're pretty easy to find at garage sales. A wrought iron (or wrought iron-looking) one filled with colorful flowers could brighten things up.

Something else that would be cool, but a little less practical, if you could find some old shutters and paint them and hang them by the windows I think it would look great but shutters are harder to find without making a big investment. Boo :( I think it's awesome that you guys have a house of your very own. Someday . . . .

much love to you three,

◄4Wa||z said...

That fort does look cool. Only $20, I might have to get one for myself... ummm, I mean for my kids!

Gord (of the 4wallz)

Mom Colvin said...

Yay Janie we certainly do appreciate the shots of your yard and of course of Corrina (Dave too). We need some of you too.

Its coming along so well and I know its been hard work. You've already made huge improvements in the look of your home - both inside and out.

If you do decide to paint the roof over the front door you'll have to straighten the ding out of it first or it will stick out like a sore thumb. I think it would look great tho. Don't forget that Corrina's toys add colour to the front yard too.

I love window boxes, tubs of flowers etc (even silk ones can work for a season because its hard to tell from a distance). You're going to have fun wandering thru garage sales and I just know you'll find some amazing things that you can turn into garden art.

Your lawn at the back is certainly taking off. Do you have your outside tap working now?

Mom Colvin said...

PS Where does Dave find those awesome toys? OK I know it was from Zellers but he has such a knack of discovering amazing playthings. I wonder if his professional future includes toys somehow. I know he's been offered a job in a toy store before (I was there) because the owner was so impressed with his knowledge of her stock. (pay sucks tho and who wants to work in someone else's store anyway)

Way to go Dave, champion toy finder and bargain hunter.

love Mom XX

DAve & JAnie said...

I think dave heard about this fort online at one point, or saw it at toys r us. he had his eye on it for while before he found it on sale one day.
I have not been picture worthy recently because the only interaction I've had is with my computer. But I am out and about now, so i imagine a photo or two will show up here!
Thanks for the thoughts and comments!
And yes, like Gord, Dave has been the one playing with the fort the most!

justus said...

great grass!
It is so fun to see the things you guys are doing with your own place. It is so important to make it your own.
I found some great ideas at Ikea for lights, we put them on our front stairs, they would look great around your fence.
I could see you guys having a bright coloured front door! I think it would suit you guys!