Monday, July 28, 2008

Days of Summer One

Days of Summer

Now that the weather is warmer in our neck of the woods our summer time activities have really picked up. We've been berry picking, swimming at wadding pools, having bbq's as a family and with friends, and spending countless hours swinging and sliding at the park. We've painted the sidewalk with, well, sidewalk paint, watered our flower gardens, played with neighbor friends, and put our legs to work riding tricycles around the block! Yet it's the little things that have been wonderful, and I must say that my most favorite part of the summer is just following Corrina around, going where she goes, doing what she wants to do.

I'm going to try something a little different this week. I will be posting a picture and a few words everyday, both to give a better glimpse into our summer life, and to be more consistent yet simple with blogging. So, here we are, this first day of summer!

Two more thoughts:
Certain dates have not passed yet regarding potential exciting changes in our upcoming year. These changes do not include anything new, cute and bald. They are still pretty cool though! Keep your eyes peeled (really, this is a rather crude saying, don't you think... yuck, peeled eyes!)
Second thought: Actually, more of a friendly welcome to check out some blog links I am adding to our sidebar. Both are family and crafting related. Both are published authors. Check them out!
Angry Chicken
Soule Mama


/rach said...

Nice pictures!!~

Claire Colvin said...

Love the pics, it looks like you guys are having a great summer!