Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Days of Summer: Two

First cutting of Zinnias from our garden! I appreciate that you sent me the seeds to grow mom. What an excellent little gift to slip inside a letter. I'll have to remember that next spring.
There is just one thing that is not right about these Zinnias. Do you see those little holes on the bright pink's leaf? Well, some of the leaves in the garden are almost all eaten up. Who or what is doing this? Slugs ate all my butter leaf lettuce, and I did not act in time to stop them. But if I can I will do my best to keep the Zinnias safe. Although, I guess they are feeding some special little bugs... but I want flowers this summer more than bugs. Great, now I am feeling so disconnected from nature the way the world works without human destruction. Really though, if you know what is eating the leafs, please leave a little comment, perhaps with a suggest as to how to fix this problem.

I have been absolutely amazed to see flowers and vegetables burgeon from seeds. I still do not believe that these flowers had their very beginnings, their first steps if you will, in the spare bedroom as seeds. And now, here they are, back in my house again! The cycle! I am sounding like an empty nester, so I'll stop.
What are you growing right now? What is blooming in your garden (take that literally or figuratively!)
Now go, get on with summer, or commenting!


Mom Colvin said...

Beautiful flowers. Looks like you've got caterpillars - check under the leaves and see if you can find them.

We had a great visit with Claire - didn't want to come home (sigh).

Too tired to say more - we got in at 8 this morning and still need more sleep despite long nap.

love Mom XX