Monday, March 02, 2009

Amazing find

We hit the thrift store today after speech therapy to see if we could find some jungle animals to continue to expand Corrina's vocab in the games we play.
Of course, I had to look through the housewares section, and I found THESE amazing, beautiful cups & sauces! Follow the link, I don't have a picture yet.
I instantly thought "Scandinavian" even before I flipped the bottom up to see what the pattern was called. Nordic. Perfect! I love them, I want them, but am I being silly? I bothered Dave, who was digging through giant tubs of mcdonald toys and figurines looking for giraffes and tigers, and I think he got sick of hearing me say "should I? Am I being silly? I already have a dishes... they are pretty, but are they pretty enough for $13.00 for 16 pieces?" I decided that I would regret not buying them, and would probably bother Dave more talking about how I wish I had brought them home.
So, I bought them.
Tonight when I went online to see what the other dishes look like, I saw a more accurate price: one cup and saucer ranges anywhere from $10-35!
Thank Sally Anne!


Anonymous said...

I love find like that!


Anonymous said...

That was suppose to say "finds"

Mom Colvin said...

Janie you got a great deal! Enjoy your pretty china.
love, Mary XX