Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Lately I have been spending alot of my 'internet time' browsing here. I think the spring cleaning bug is coming on for me, although we are months away from spring still. I can't help but want things to look organized and tidy. And of course, I have three papers due quite soon, so nothing does look neat and tidy. That an a strange compulsion to buy plants, all the time, whenever I see them.

So when my mind needs a break I head over that place I linked up above, and today I found there that I swear I have always known existed, but could never find... just like those tribe people you hear about from Wycliff translator stories, where they go to a remote tribe and find people worshipping a God of some sort and when they translate enough words to tell the people about english the people say "that's who we've been worshipping".

So, Dave is going to make me this, and this, in a row, in our kitchen, to perfectly fit our space! I have the plans hung on my shabby little bulliten board beside me. They are written on hot pink paper...pretty.... oh, the times they will be a changing!

Do you have the Spring cleaning bug, or stuff that gets rid of bugs and makes things clean instead?