Friday, May 01, 2009

A month of photos

I just uploaded pictures from the past month and in looking over them I am at a loss as to where to start with this post. The questions going through my mind include: which photo is the cutest; which photo has the best story; which story has the best photo; which story/photo will people actually be thankful they took the time to read?????
Some times these blog posts are hard. You know?

So, first of all, apologies for the sporadic blogging, and lack of comments on other blogs we read. I fear this is how summer will be for our online communication with friends, family, and unknown blog stalkers. Our new schedule for the "summer" (spring has hardly arrived in MB, how can we be thinking about summer!) has begun, so our time and priorities are changing for the season.

I fear we may return to the weekly/bi-weekly blog post routine out of hope for sanity within our household. I love blogging, sharing life, and indulging in a methodical read of every blog that looks like it has a possibility of having something even remotely interesting on it (the list gets long!), but I have declared a read-once-a-week fast for most blogs I enjoy for this seasons of life. So, we are still here, we are still enjoying your write-ups, and we hope you enjoy ours, just a little less (not that we've been good at these the last month anyway).

So, why not end with a bang!

The Soother Fairy visited a particular little 3 year old who was needing some incentive to learn to sleep without relying on a sucking. In exchange for all her soothers, which the fairy promised to deliver to special little baby's the world over, Corrina received a brand new big girl gift: a bike helmet!
Corrina excitedly collected all her soothers and proceeded outside to leave the bag for the fairy who would "fly down from the sky and TAKE all my soothers to all the BABIES" (talking in such long sentences). Of course, when we got through our bedtime routine and hit the "I want pooh bear and soother" part Corrina had the experience of a brand new emotion, which I kindly named for her: regret! We got through the bedtimes and nights though, and after 3 nights of doing our best to respond to her with care, comfort, and sensitivity we have a little girl who finally falls asleep on her own with no sucking! Another sentence Corrina can be heard saying from time to time: "Mommy says sometimes big girls can ride bike in the house." Oh, its so cool to have a little parrot around, and so not cool too!

The soother fairy may or may not appear as the child pictured below:
Dave's latest craft with Corrina is to reuse by decorating all the 3-d glasses from movies he's collected into fashionable play pieces! (Wow, this sentence is completely grammatically incorrect. That must be killing all you editor type folk out there!)

We are really enjoying all the thoughts Corrina has been sharing with us lately. Her personality is just lovely, and it comes out in so many ways:

Here we have a glimpse of her fashion sense: sun glasses, pumpkin dress, mittens for a 3 month old baby! I think we need to talk about dressing for the season 'round here!

Corrina had an 'owie' on the inside of her lip, so, of course, this only makes sense:

I am having a hoot playing with her hair these days.

And me and Dave did some building together, and have almost finished a certain project! More photos to come when all is done and decorated!


Jan or Paul said...

Congrats on the soother fairy idea working! I'll have to remember that if Ginny's the same way with her soother.
I wonder how old she'll be when she clues in? :)

Anonymous said...

hahahahaha, I love the band aid in the mouth.
I love kids!!! They are great!