Monday, July 06, 2009

Zoom Zoom Zoom

Our year with Kristiana has just ended and I feel sad. We certainly grew close during our time together, and we were honored to have her live with us during her year as an International Volunteer Exchange Program person. We just took her to the airport this morning, so my feelings of sadness, loneliness and loss are fresh and strong. Better to have loved and lost, than to have never loved at all. She was a blessing in our home and we hope to always remember our time with her sharing life!
This is a picture of all of us sharing a banana pankcake meal that Kris prepared. She really wanted to be able to make pancakes for her family so we did some hands on practicing so she could learn! I think we have sent her home as a true Canadian, equipped with a pancake recipe and a bottle of maple syrup!

In order to go out with a bang, we crammed in as many fun activities as we could handle this weekend. Bike rides, Mint tours (coin making mint-ing that is!), food food food, visits, movies, walks, music, games, and chit chats.
On Saturday we went mini golfing, and I think that Corrina had the best experiencing of her life! But, it wasn't with mini golf. She hated that, and mooped the WHOLE way. I had to bribe her to motivate her to play the last 2 holes by rewarding her with a ride on the Kiddie Karts!

It took her a few mintues to get out of the "pit" with the other boys (yup, the only girl! We are so proud), but once she got going she was a true driver! She raced around the track like a pro, cutting off people, doing a few t bones, and making nice tight corners on the inside track!
It was so thrilling for us to watch her do something completely independant of us; we truly felt the difference between having a baby and having a child!
For the most part she figured it all out on her own. We said "push with your foot, and turn this way and that way" but she had to put the steps together to get where she wanted!

I think we just might fill the frequent riders card over the summer!
Here is the most recent family picture we have of us in our backyard, on our way out for Kris's birthday dinner. What this photo doesn't show is the huge Corrina meltdown that followed, inhibiting us from getting a picture with Kris!

Oh, and one last marvel for you Titanic fans: a giant inflatable titanic slide for free enjoyment on Canada day at the street festival! Hilarious eh? We climbed up the middle, and slid down the decks! Kris, a huge Titanic fan, was just thrilled. Corrina had a hoot too!

One more month, and counting, and I will be a social worker! Yippy!


Anonymous said...

Love your post. Sounds like Corrina is growing up like any normal child, meltdowns, whinning, bribing... Yup sounds about right. haha. I love love love her kid kart pictures. Go Corrina!!!
So sorry to hear you are lonely.(wish i could just walk over and visit) Sad to see someone leave who has been in your life for a year. However, I am also glad you got to have that experience.
Love & Hugs


Mom Colvin said...

Boys get ready to move over - Corrina is coming thru! She looks like a pro in that kart.

That's pure joy on her face, that "now I am the Master of my own Destiny" realisation. Most of us have to wait until we're 17 to start driving but Corrina has got off to an early start.

Well done Big Girl! And you're still a Scaaaary Pirate.

love Mary