Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Weekend Passed

This Monday marked the passing of another year for me. Our camera is broken so I don't have any pictures to show the fun. But, fun there was!
We has sushi and cake with tons of friends and I heard one of the most beautiful renditions of Happy Birthday in my life. We have a number of friends who sing/sang in professional choirs such that they have the ability to take the mundane birthday song and pump it out in a manner that transplants me from my living room in Winnipeg to a fabulous auditorium, in France, where I am privy to a choral experience tailored for one!
I made them sing it twice, too. Once in the restaurant at their choosing, just to ensure public embarassment (but how could I be embarrased by such a harmonious sound!), and once at home for cake so that Corrina could have the full Mommy's-birthday experience! I marvelled at watching her sing along with them, swaying back and forth, locking eyes with me in joy! She, as a friend put it, has the ability to enjoy other people's happiness perhaps even more than she enjoys her own. At three, she has a truly empathic heart.
She caught me singing along at one point and said "no mommy, you don't sing!"

Dave gave me tickets to see Moulin Rouge performed by the Winnipeg Ballet for my present! I've been to the ballet once, courtesy of Dave. I am thrilled to have a second opportunity to experience the art of dance and music.

With the passing of my birthday often comes cooler weather. Growing up in BC I am familiar with blowing out the candles in the rain! Monday, my actual birthday, was a chilly day following a 25 degree Sunday, but I was okay with that because my favorite season remains Autumn.

I always find that I am much more inspired to do fall cleaning than spring cleaning because I get into a mood to nest for the winter. So, because it's been floating around my mind all week long, here is my list of autumn nesting activities that I hope to get to in at least the next month (these may be really boring for some, and interesting for others, but I just have to get them out of my head):

- relocate shelf from kitchen into dinning room for "family hobby activities"
- Raid freezer for frozen soup stuff from the summer and make soups on weekends (huck stuff over a year old, at least! Sadly I might not have much souping stuff left if I follow this rule!)
- Summer items down to basement/ Winter items up (in rubber maid bins)
- Buy more rubbermaid bins! Tackle the stinky basement so I don't put off doing laundry all winter long and spend the rest of my saturdays catching up!
- Switch toys from basement to play shelf and vise versa
- More hooks in entryway
- Hang closet cubby organizer or Frog in entry way for mitts/hats, etc... (i'm done with baskets. Too deep, too messy)

-Put Duffy on a diet (he's a cat)
-Hang photos EVERYWHERE!
- Windows: clean, cover in plastic, cover in plastic again
-shove vacum cleaner down ducts and turn on until I hear horrible clunking sounds coming from house or vacum.
-learn to spell vacuum
-find the shiny, metallic tape and double tape holes in ducts
- drape tarp over hole in roof, especially over Corrina's room
- buy slippers recommended by co-worker from MEC
-make/find more rugs that will inevitably become filled with kitty hair and thus maintain their softness all year round
- finally replace my one and only pair of runner/casual shoes/sneakers that are older than Corrina (now that I'm a professional!) consider the shoes of others in the household for replacement as well
- go un-shopping (return all the crap I bought, got home, and freaked out about over BPAs, and synthetic crap fabrics, made by children for children clothing. I'm not sure if this will induce the opposite effect of retail therapy, or double the effect of retail therapy. It will be like I'm the corporation and they are paying me for stuff I know is crap but they want to pretend is good to have!)
- Make more monogrammed art, from Corrina's art and other pretty paper
- sew a table runner
- sew some pillow covers from vintage scarves
- Read Pride and Prejudice and Zombies
- read and create crafts around any book by Pheobe Gilman (jillian...)

I hope that our camera kicks in for the many fall adventures we have coming up!


Anonymous said...

Wow you are ambitous. That is quite the list. My fall nesting includes figuring out what to do for a christmas tres as we cannot have a real one this year and buy Rawley some PJs that actually reach his ankles.
Glad you had a wonderful birthday, you deserve it!!!!
Love Tammy

Aimee said...

i love your list. i hear you on your "unshopping". I almost always want to unshop - unless I buy thrift or fairly made.