Monday, September 07, 2009

Summer Holidays

We had an amazing summer vacation in British Columbia with our families! We visited with Grandma Judy and Martin on the farm, eating tons of fresh fruit and vegetables all day long! We fed apples to cows, ate figs, splashed in the pool (bathing suit photos not included!), had tractor rides, and played with the cricket doll from my childhood!

What's better than having one great grandparent to visit in BC? Having TWO set of grandparents to visit! Dave's parent's just moved out to good ol' BC and now the grandparents live 5 minutes away from each other. It was phenomenal to visit one place and see everyone we love. We stayed with Chris and Mary in their new place and moved between the two grandparent houses daily!
Our vacation was complete with river walks, late nights, fancy cookie making with Claire, Vancouver visits, games, swimming at lakes, mini golf, walks down memory lane with old friends, delicious meals, family bbq's, hanging out with good friends, and of course an ikea trip!
I often feel that September presents as more of a New Year than January. At home we are finally seeing sunny summer days bringing with them extended family fun times. This New Fall I am working with families at a great agency, Dave is heading up some exciting projects at our church, and Corrina has had a growth spurt. Well, at least I've deduced that she must have had a growth spurt because everyone we see says "wow, she's grown tallllleerrr..." Yup, kids do that, especially ones with tall parents! Anyway, Corrina told me her perspective on this after dinner today:
"Mom, when I was a baby you put baby food in my mouth and it made me grow very tall into a big girl!" And as she was going to bed last night: "Mommy, my tummy has a little bit of room left and I need to fill it a little bit more so the food can make me grow tall so I can be 5 and 18 and go to school!" Mommy: "going to sleep helps with that too!"
I think that our fall will hold a lot of growing like weeds for all of us in a way! Now that we are home and settled I hope to keep posting/keep you posted on the things we are doing.


rachel joy said...

Looking forward to hearing from you more often!