Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Dear Corrina

Dear Corrina,

You are turning four this month, and growing so much every day! Since you're growing up so fast, I wanted to take a minute to write down some facts about you to be forever immortalized in the solid marble slab that is the internet.

Corrina, you have told us (and often list for us) that when you grow up, you plan on being:
a Doctor
a Nurse
a Teacher
a Truck Driver
a Crossing Guard
and (my personal favourite) the Calgary Stampede.
and not a rider in the Calgary Stampede, or a Rodeo Clown, but the ENTIRE EVENT (as depicted in a poster you saw once).

This morning you told us you had a dream about finding "flying clothes" with your friends from Daycare and that you went flying up in the sky. This seems to be a recurring dream of yours.

You still sleep with your Pooh Bear every night, but have occassionally gone to bed without him (in which case I try to sneak him under your arm in the night).

You have told me that you remember when I was a baby, that you wish you could be mommy's mommy, and you cried very hard yesterday when I admitted that infact you and I cannot get married.

You love to sing. You love to play with dollies and with Lego. You love to colour with big heavey markers that blanket the page. You are constantly climbing, whether me or the furnature or a play structure. You love animals and babies and baby animals. You'll eat just about anything most of the time. Even celery.

I am very very proud of you and the little person you are. I love to read with you and tell you stories about the Hero Girl and her polar bear. I love you very much.


Tammy said...

Aww Janie that is so cute. I love that she wants to be the whole Stampede!!! (I believe in her)
I remember when Rawley had a list of what he was going to do..
Work at the Walmart Photo shop
Drive a Fire Truck
Be a Hockey Player...etc...
Can't wait to see you guys come summer!!

DAve and JAnie said...

Kids are awesome! Dave actually wrote this letter!

Aimee said...

yes the marble slab that is the internet. nice. big smile about you admitting that she can't marry you and the ensuing tears, oh dear little girl. great letter Dave. what a lovely girl you have.

Mom Colvin said...

Awww! Corrina is such a lively, interesting, strong-willed and often very sweet girl.

Hard to believe that she's almost 4 and incredible to remember just how far she has come in her short life.

We remember wondering which sign language she would be learning so we could sign up for classes and be able to communicate with her and now we can chat on the phone or over Skype in plain english.

Corrina you rock! and you have two terrific parents.

love, Grandma & Grandpa XX

Anonymous said...

That was sweet. I love reading letters to peoples kids. :-)