Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Chronicles of a 4 Year Old

Corrina has been 4 now for just over a week! The day after she turned 4 she told me "Mommy, now I will be 5 and go to Kindergarten, and than I will be 6, and than I will be every number!"

As a 4 year old she told me on the way to daycare that she might have to leave our house to go learn to be a crossing guard, but she would wait till we have another baby so I would have someone to take care of. She said "Than I will come home and teach the baby everything I learn. And I will be able to reach things for the baby that they can't reach." She has also requested that when she turns 5 that we have another baby for her because 5 year old people need to be big sisters.

So, in short, being 4 is all about being 5!


Tammy said...

Love the video.
Can't believe it was 4 years ago I held that little baby in my arms. Wow.
She was beautiful then and is beautiful now!!!!

Kathy said...

It's good she told you ahead of time about being a big sister at 5 so you can plan ahead. ; ) What a cutie.