Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Updated: Custom Action Figure Bookends

Custom Action Figure Bookends

People on facebook have been asking what the paint fumes are all about. Well, a long time ago Janie started to get a little frustrated with the experience of living amongst and around action figures/toys/collectibles. I started to look for more practical applications of my beloved playthings. I started creating more elaborate dioramas, which pacified the maternal urge to purge, but my real dream was to create highly detailed and sculpted bookends. Still the problem remained though: Janie still just saw them as a pile of multicoloured plastic. Janie can't stand the visual clutter. All that colour and form leaping out from the shelf gets my imagination roaring, but for Janie it's just an attack on her eyeballs. Then my beloved boingboing.net, curators of all that is awesome online, provided the answer.

Three bookends, constructed of some of my lesser loved figures and a last minute few thrift store additions, hot glued to a metal bookend, and painted and sealed. Perfect.



DAve and JAnie said...

At least my constant put downs of plastic toys inspire motivation to create, or at least that's the reframing I would like to offer for this situation.

Jeremy Wat said...

Absolutely brilliant, Dave! I love the bookends, and the use of puttin' it all together. Very cool, man!