Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Poem, and a Warning

Dear Traveler
by Dave Colvinson

Should you ever find yourself
In distant lands or foreign scenes
And notice, much to your chagrin
The faintest of internal screams

Pay heed, dear friend! Do not ignore!
Cast away the very idea!
Resist the urge to shrug it off
As Traveler’s Diarrhea

The warning signs are obvious
And you’d do well to give them heed
A temperature spike of ninety-nine
The inability to feed

A body wrought with aches and pains
All these signals do incite us
Take action now, make no delay!
I’m afraid it’s Appendicitis!

Congratulations! Off you go!
One ultrasound and two X-rays
Blood work, urine tests, monitors
Get comfy! You’ll be there for days!

It’s true you may being to fret
When they remove all of your clothes
And you may shriek when given pills
Inserted where pills seldom go

But do not fret! You’ll make it through
Despair will surely be your folly
If hope itself seems nearly spent
Fear not! Just call on ***** Paulley!

Was ever there a friend so dear
As she who sleeps on tiny cot?
Who makes you smile when all seems bleak
And helps you hobble to the “pot”?

And so when all is said and done
Dear Traveler, do not lose heart
But perhaps in future journeys try
To return home with all your parts


Mom Colvin said...

Dave you crack me up - glad that you could find the humor in a trying situation.

Jan or Paul said...

Fantastic poem, Dave! What an awful experience, I imagine. I guess you'll always be able to say you left a part of you in Bangladesh.

Tricia said...

I'm glad ***** was there to help you out. You can rival Brad & Colin for travel stories now.

Dave said...

I may never have been touched by a man in the woods, but I think surgery in Bangladesh is a pretty good one.

Tammy said...

I like that you have been able to make light of your very scary situation and give us a laugh.
I am also glad you are home safe and sound with your family!!!

Claire Colvin said...

DAve that was AWESOME!

Pam said...

Well done Dave!!!! At least now you've taken care of the appendix.. so no worries for the next trip!!!

DAve and JAnie said...

That's what people keep saying, Pam! "At least you only have one appendix"