Saturday, December 25, 2010


I have been trying to upload a video for about 4 days and it's not working at all, so here is a link to see a little movie of Corrina entertaining Annika.

As Christmas draws near we are busy keeping ourselves busy with smiles and giggles.

I made a delicious bread today for Christmas morning.  Right now Corrina is "a cook at a school making orange soup" while Annika sleeps beside her snug in a car seat, ie. the downstairs bed!

For Christmas Eve we will be snacking on some simple appetizers and treats while reading and learning from the story of Christ's birth, amid the glowing lights on the tree.

Wishing everyone a warm, safe, healthy, meaningful Christmas.


Tammy said...

Your Christmas bread sounds yummy. A low key Christmas might have been better for us this year. Everett was very overwhelmed.
Loved the video. Having a older child to entertain the baby is very handy.