Thursday, December 16, 2010

We are actually ALIVE!

No smiles here, but this is pretty much what Annika looks like most of the time!

Corrina is "helping" Annika to smile.

We've been doing family activities to engage in waiting for Christ's birth, or Advent.  We started with thinking about the Angels in the story.  We make glitter angels, and painted angel cookies.  Painting cookies rocks!
We are alive, and slowly becoming well again.  This fall/winter season has been riddles with colds, infections, aches and pains.  I'd like to think we are just getting it all out of the way for the year to come.

Life has been busy, and Annika fits right in perfectly.  She is smiley and social, eats amazingly and sleeps great for her age.  She is easy to entertain, cuddly and patient.  You can imagine why I might say patient as you've had a sample picture above of the little "helper". 

I'm not on top of anything at home!  Maybe that's the way it should be.  I am enjoying each day though.  Its nice to focus on caring for my home and family right now.  We've been crafting, baking, building, and as of late Corrina has asked that we teach her to read! 

I've been brainstorming some newish hobbies to focus on in the coming year, as I need to get myself out of the kitchen away from the butter and sugar that's created so many delicious Christmas cookies if I'm ever to be a healthy individual who lives past 30!  Seriously, I've been going a little nuts... After Christmas I'm only baking muffins and biscotti! I'm going to become a master at those two!

Anyway, I think I will take up sewing again.  There are some moments when Corrina is at school or playing happily, the chores are done and the baby is sleeping and I NEED something stimulating to do.
I'm also going to increase my crafting with Corrina.

Anyway, I have nothing important to say, so go look at those cute gals again!


Sue said...

wow!! Your two girls are so sweet and beautiful !! :)

thanks for your comments over in my blogworld. :)

Merry Christmas to you and yours too!!


Tammy said...

Oh Wow, Annika has grown so much since I saw you in October. I wish we could make it out to see you before Christmas, but I can't see it happening.
I love the pictures and I love your 'little helper'

Mary said...

I LOVE the pic of Corrina "helping" Annika to smile - hilarious!

You have TWO gorgeous girls, enjoy, enjoy.

Tricia said...

What about picking up crocheting again?

Claire Colvin said...

Ooh such beautiful photos of beautiful girls! I need to come and visit!

mammasita said...

wow its been a while since I have last looked on this page, my own as well, do you not have facebook anymore!? you and corrina have been on my mind lately and then I cam across your blog again and I just noticed you brought another lil girl into the world Congrats!! she is so pretty glad to see family is doing good!! best wishes