Sunday, January 23, 2011

Birthday Bash

How to have a fantastic 5th Birthday:
1. Start with a rainbow cake

2. Add a Birthday Tree (to put the presents under of course)

3. Invite a crazy scientist aka Dad!  Forgot to buy smocks for all children, but buy a ton of prizes!

4. Make explosions, gak, and goo, all with lots of colors that inevitably end up on your guests tee shirts.

5. Finish with delicious rainbow cake, homemade pinata and fun presents!

Even with the massive amounts of preparation, and the energy needed it pull it off, I'd do it again.  But only once a year!
Just for fun here is Corrina through the years:

6. Go shopping post party to replace all guests t-shirts


Tammy said...

The cake looks wonderful!
And what a great party. You guys are so creative and patient.
Thanks for sharing.