Tuesday, August 09, 2005


Dave and I treated ourselves to a beach day sunday afternoon! We same together, and dug hole, in the sand, underwater, with out feet! It was excellent fun. As we were coming back to the shore we saw some friends from our college and career group at another church. It turns out that some people from their church had organized a beach day. There was a small bunch, but they let us hang with them, and eat their hot dogs. We used 45 sunscreen so we don't get skin cancer, but most importantly we had a wonderful time together at the beach!
Yesterday, monday, we found out that we didn't get the apartment (dave is watching a cartoon on DVD, but pausing it where the commercial breaks would have been to go fill his glass and get food and stuff, just like when he was a boy! I think he is having like the best day ever! I'll say more later! cute husbands rock!) that we really wanted just up the road. Today however, after many phone calls yesterday, we found a place that we like. It has a very nice open layout, which will be great with a little baby sneaking around. It is large, and has some character, but is a newer, nicer building. People aren't actually allowed to paint there, but we pulled a few strings and we are allowed. We are pretty sure that we have it because we talked right to the Building managers, left a deposit, and are just nice, decent people. From the building managers the application goes to the management company, but the BM said they would write a cover letter because they want us to rent. They said they aren't allowed to be biased in choosing tenents, but they always make sure good people get in! So we are really hoping this is the place. We had to pray alot, and i had alot of trusting to do. I was thoroughly dissapointed the other day, but we had prayed that God would give us what would work, and i guess the other place wouldn't have, and this one will! Lots of good things about this place, and a few things that we will have to learn to work around. Good: hardwood floors, animals allowed, painting permitted to us, open, big, nice windows, parking space included, BIG storage lockers in basement to store LOTS AND LOTS of stuff in, lots of closet space, carpet in babies bedroom, good view of street, awesome area of town, closer to dave's work, good landlords/caretakers... Bad: not alot of kitchen cabinet space, but we can work with that. I do wish we lived closer to an ikea because i was just on the web site and we all know they have so many great things. We just have to take the ideas and apply them to other furniture that we get here. We just pulled out some boxes today and started the packing thing! blah
Dave's day was good because there is a new Rector (Sr. Pastor) at our church and he is an amazing man with lots of passion and ideas that would refresh the place. Above all he is centred on God. He asked Dave if there is anything he would need to work better in the office, and dave just didn't know because no one had asked him that before! Wow hey! Dave's day was good because he saw the apartment and made the decision that it would be good for us, and everything is working out so far! It was also a good day for him because he loves me and i love him!

Ahhh, my head is just flooding with great ideas for our upcoming space, baby room, and all that stuff! I am excited to create a new space, that is even more like us! And the place is very affordable for us. We are happy here!

I am going to pick away at more boxes now.
We had avacado in our fajitas for dinner.


Mom said...

Chris & I "discovered" avocado in Arizona and we have decided we really like it. The mexican meal at La Fuente was awesome and such fun to have the mariachi band too.

I will definitely be serving guacamole in the neare future.

Love, Mom XX

Sue said...

dear you's ,

wowowowowowowowowowow! that is SO terrificly wonderful! I am thrilled that you two were given such a great gift from GOd, the PERFECT place from the sounds of it. :) rock on!! (i hate the no-kitchen space thing too, can't wait to have more!! heehee)

Take care you three! :) let me know what awesome idears you have for the Bambino's room! :) i have so many dreams, and so little drive to get them done, i'm terrible that way sometime! :) haha.

byebye from sue