Friday, September 16, 2005

Back to School

I normally work on fridays, but because i am going BACK TO SCHOOL, i have the day off from work to do readings and prep. And yes, i am actually doing the readings and the prep. I am just having a little lunch/tea/internet break. I am excited, but nervous that i won't be able to find the class room because the one paper explaining that i was indeed registered, and my course would be in 'this' building, did not include a class number. I am sure it will be quite easy to figure out once i am there.
Back to the books, back to learning (i love to learn)!


Sue said...

hey! awesome. let me know if you find your class! (what class is it???)

let us know what you are learning, it is fun to travel with people on their Journey through education. :)

from me.

Mom said...


So what courses are you taking and how did the first class go?

love, Mom XX