Saturday, September 17, 2005

The class

This is mine and Dave's first picture together! Isn't that sweet! We weren't even dating, but we had told each other we liked each other.. so this was the awkward inbetween week. But is had some definte perks and joys! ahhh, young love!
Well, a couple people asked what class i am taking, so i will take some time to tell you! The course is called Counseling skills level 1, and it is the first in a small applied counseling certificate that i plan on doing over the next five years. I was going to try in two years, but that was before little baby joined our lives! The certificate is only 11 courses long, but they leave the time frame open to the student because it is through continuing education! So the first class was super. We talked alot about the client centered type of counselling we are going to be focusing on learning. It is challening because this type of couseling sees the client as the person with the solution, not the counsellor, so even when the client asks/ says" what should i do to..., i just don't know what to do... i want to ask this question... i am asking this about life, what do you think..." the counsellor is helps them to explore their own question! The professor is excellent, and we are doing alot of discussion and role plays. The course just started last night, friday, and it runs friday night and all day saturday for three weekends, so i just finished the first weekend. Already today we were recording 10 min role plays for marks! I think everyone started the day feeling pretty anxious, but we all had a good time in the end. It is more about honest feedback at this point than actual skills. I mean we really did just learn and discuss these skills last night, now we need to practice them. I am glad i have a place at work to practice. I might be pouncing on people to talk to me now though... he he he... I think i will get some more reading done tonight. I just got home and dave is not here. I was not suppose to be home until 5 however, and it is 4:45, so i expect him soon! I think he is out shopping for a little birthday gift for me! I see on a piece of paper that we might be going out to a friend tonight! Looks like dave made some fun plans.. i see the word cake! That excites me! So, that is about it for now. Don't worry, i won't try to counsel any of my friends or my husband... that is just an unbrilliant thing to attempt! Keep exploring the world!


Sue said...

heehee...okay, i have a question...I just don't know what to do about my memory challenged brain, what is the answer?
first project. just kidding. i had to make something up....heehee

Are you secretly analizing me now. ? shoot.

love you Janie dear...happy bday, today?????

love from sue

JAnie & DAve said...

Sue, i am thoroughly confused. Happy birthday to me on wednesday, 22, but THANK YOU! very muchly all the same!

JAnie & DAve said...