Thursday, September 15, 2005


It is mid september today and I am very happy about this. September is a wondeful month, and not just because it is my birthday! I have always enjoyed the changing of season, especially from summer to autumn. In winnipeg we have had an early autumn (which hopefuly does not signify an early winter as well). Some side walks are well laden with brown crunchy leaves, and other trees are still comepletly green. I am also very glad that there are seasons in life. I am glad we move from young to old and accomplish many different things along the way. Just the other night I was talking with a few different elderly people and I realized stronger than i ever had before that they are certainly in a different stage of life, but that their stage of life is just as enjoyable. Although i am very excited to be entering the motherhood stage of life, and i am also excited to think about the middle stage of life, and even the day when i might meet a Grandchild.
I am also glad that things are always changing. The state i am in right now will pass, and soon circumstance will be different. This goes for most everything, and thankfully so, because it gives unending room for the movement of the Holy Spirit and God! Seasons: summer, autumn, winter spring... every single one is worthwhile and important; every stage of life makes way for the next at just the right pace!
Oh leaves, keep on falling!


Mom said...

Wow Janie,

How very insightful. You're absolutely right about things constantly changing. The one constant is God's love which flows generously through every stage of life.

The challenges of middle and old age are somewhat different from the challenges of young marrieds but we remain basically the same people we were at the beginning. The sense of who we are doesn't really alter but life experiences are laid over the personality and spiritual growth also makes changes. We still recognise ourselves as "me" thru all this - praise God!

May God continue to bless you as you grow, mature and flower into the fullness of God's blessings for you.

Much love, Mom XX

PS Love to Dave too so he doesn't feel left out - still love ya a bunch Dave :)

Sue said...

ooooh janie, i wish we could join in your early Christmas celebrations!! (You know, you are probably celebrating a much more accurate 'birth of Christ' timewise..haha)

Ooooh i love hot chocolate, cookies, trees decorated, and cheer...

wish we were there!

Sue said...

oh yes, you will enjoy the motherhood stage!! What fun we mommies can have!