Monday, September 19, 2005

I see a person folding a blanket

So the last post included a very old picture, and this is a very new picture! Here we are in our green living room! Actualy i thought the green was going to turn out more like the background color of this blog template, but as you can see it is brighter, which we are very happy with!
Soon it is going to be my birthday, and i am very happy about this. Dave of course is trying to surprise me; he always has something up his sleeve, doing his best to give me clues that are all wrong. I told him i probably wouldn't put too much energy into guessing what he is doing, one cause i am not a very good guesser (although dave claims otherwise), and two i like surprises so i just don't go around snooping and peeking! My birthday falls on my day off this year so i get to meet a friend for lunch, and then get the apartment ready for having friends over for cake. I asked dave to construct some sort of ice cream cake with cookie crumbs and chocolate bars! Friends are coming over to share the cake, and probably play some games! I like people and i just wanted to spend the evening with people that we care about! I think i get to go out with some friends the next night as well, although i don't know what we will be doing that night. I had a dream last night that my birthday just kept going and going... how fun!
Tonight i am just going to catch up on some emails, and maybe unpack a box or two. I am getting more and more anxious to get boxes out of the babies room so that i can actualy start playing with the furniture and setting it all up! Oh joy!


Mom said...

Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you, have a really great one, happy birthday to you Janie.

Love XX