Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Biz Cas Wed

Hello All!
It's about time I posted on here, don't you think?
(You people in the comments section are getting Antsy!)

So today is Biz Cas Wed, which is the NEW Bis Cas Fri. I'm dressed in shirt-sleeves with Long Johns poking out all over the place. Mmmm! Waffle-ly warmth all over! And I haven't shaved in, like, DAYS, so I'm half way to bush man. Which is pretty awesome. I'm not thinking Janie likes it too much, but I DEFINATELY appreciate it. You know, since I hate shaving.

SOooo, there are a lot of sirens and stuff outside. And I went out and there was smoke and the smell of wood burning in the air. Apparently there's a big fire a few blocks north. I hope everyone's okay. (Bre, can you see anything from your office? Let me know!)

Sick! I totally drew a picture of myself on Biz Cas Wed, and it won't load? I've tried like Infinity times! GOSH!

Oh, and I've been trying to organize a time for people to come over and test drive my prototype Home **** runner game, but I get all nervous when I try to call people, so I'm still working on that.

Oh, and the big news about who it was that came for JAnie's big surpise on the 16th?! The people that came from OTHER CONTINENTS just to see my darling wife?

Well, I can't ruin her fun by telling you all, can I! HA!


this is NOT the picture I wanted, but at least it loaded. Sick.


JAnie & DAve said...

Oh, and in case you needed to see them, the other Biz Cas Fri 'toon can be seen Here!)
and Here!)

(Oh, THAT'S RIGHT! I put those links in with CODE, baby! HTML.inyourFACE.exe!)