Wednesday, November 23, 2005

World's Largest Post It Note

A few months back someone in winnipeg made an ebay auction titled "World's largest Post Its", in which he/she took a pad of lined paper and applied some glue. (some of you may remember this because I emailed it to you).

Well, in my office right now is a BRAND NAME 3M Post it note measuring 2.5' x 2.08'! That's over 5 square foot of POST IT!! It's amazing. I can't stop starring at the thing.

I'm thinking it needs to go up for auction.

Or on my trophy wall at home.

"Yeah, it's a Post IT. I bagged it while on expideition deep in the Urban Jungle. It wasn't a pretty site, either. I don't mind telling you that there was self-adisive strips everywhere. It's not the kind of thing a man can forget easily.

-the preceeding was deeply dramatic and should have been read aloud in a gravelly, weathered voice.



Anonymous said...

Do not jest about the Post IT hunt. Many good men and women have given their lives in pursuit of such a beast. Greater men then yourself. They're drawn in by the promise of all-purpose sheets and zero bleed-through, but never live to see their next quartly projections meeting.

My advice is that you forget such foolhearty pursuits. They'll only end in misery.

-One-eyed Dan
For-real hunter

Sue said...

hahaha, you guys wiggle the giggles out of me. man.


CoNiGMa said...

That's nothing....Check out this link. A post-it so large, you need a satellite to see it. lol,103.321931&spn=0.007265,0.009836&t=k&hl=en