Thursday, November 24, 2005

SO many Titles!!! don't forget to read dave's posts

I have so many title ideas for this blog:
1. Everyone Just Calm Down
2. Okay, Okay i will tell you who came
3. Smells Like Bacon
4.Good Duffy!
5. Gruffy Dave
6. I have to give birth!! EEEkkkk

SO regarding the first one, i am very glad you are all excited to know who came to visit (it really does smell like bacon... delicious.. i am having a bacon, egg and potatoe breakfast because i basically can't have much else today. Eliminating my 'sugar' allergy, which is really just the fact that my body wants way to much sugar and doesn't do good things with it i guess. But soon that might be over!). Oh yes, the visitors. They were beautiful, from other continents, and came bearing LUNCH! One had the curious name of Allison, lighting her way with her firey red hair. She arrived from France (well, not recently, but still, she is from france), and greeted me with a kiss. The second travelor was shorter with a slender, petite frame. Her name is Ranran, and she came all the way from China to join in the eating blitz. There was a peculiar third person who proclaimed to only be there to "crash the party." Her hair was a tangle, she wore puffy vest and tattered jeans (until she took them off and proceded to eat lunch in underware. Afterall, the bottom of her pants were wet! I like this one! She's funny!), and gobbled up french bread. Hmmm, what fun it is to have eclectic friends who really know how to be themselves! Well, yes, the gang was Allison, a good good friend, her room mate Tricia (underware girl), and Ranran who was in China this summer, but has been in Canada for 4-5 years now. Allison planned the surprise, intended as part birthday present and part "we love you, just because"! It was wonderful. She worked hard to brainstorm a meal that i would absolutely love, and she hit it right on the mark! We ate tomatoe soup that was made with sour cream and pieces of onion. It was delicious. I don't think it had milk in it, just water and sour cream. I tried to make it the other day and something went wrong because it curdled. We also had Allison's famous french vinegarette dressing! The best! The salad was just green leaf lettuce and corn (another allison trademark), and of course cheese for the soup and french bread. A great feast! Allison also made 'microwave brownie' (brownie made in the microwave that comes out soft and chewy on top, and saucy on the bottom. I am not sure if it is suppose to be this way, or if this is just what we have all grown to love!) And Ranran brought cantelope and mango! Yummy! After lunch Tricia had to take off and go to class, yes with her pants on. Allie, Ranran and I just hung around and looked at books and talked! It was a wonderful time.

(EDIT: They talked about Miers Briggs the ENTIRE time, which is all Janie ever talks about anymore - D)

My bacon is still cooking. Well, i am onto the second round now but it sure is taking a long time. The package directions said to cook over low heat. I have never really done low for bacon; always just medium to high. Looks tasty though!
Hmm, what was the next topic... oh yes Good Duffy.
Last night i walked into the bedroom to find my sweet black Kitty sleeping on the bed. This is not unusual, and neither was the fact that he was sleeping like a person. He had his little head propped up on a pillow, was on his back, feet/paws in air, white nipples glaring at me through his dark, soft fur. Very cute, and very weird. I decided that since he thought he was a little human that he probably needed PJ's on to stay warm. I found one of the babies sleepers and starting dressing! He didn't mind at all, except the sleeper was too short for him. I called dave over to see the cute little site, and together we decided that a dress would be much more suiting for the kitty baby. Here's the pictures:

So, as you read in Dave's blog he is quite gruffy these days. He must be preparing for father hood. I like his gruffiness usualy. As long as his hair is done his gruff looks great! I think he just left without doing his hair; he really likes not doing his hair. Maybe he needs dreds again!
And my last thought for this blog is: I HAVE TO GIVE BIRTH IN 6-7 WEEKS. Some of you know what this means, i sure don't. But i think i am coming to a better understanding: pain, hardwork, pain management, lots of breathing, changing positions, doctors and medical stuff, and a baby! We are now thinking of getting a Doula (professional birth attendant who is there the whole time, won't sleep, adds consistency, helps out alot with comfort and suggestions, knows what they are donig...) just so we have even better chances of making it through without meds (unless something gets complicated, no worries, i really am keeping an open mind, but only if necessary! he he) They do cost a pretty penny, but dave thinks it would be worth it. Plus, there would be less pressure on him remeber every little detail we are learning, and be the "coach". He could be there to help me, and just love me, which he is very good at, and we could rely on the Doula to provide comfort measures and relaxation tips during the stressful moments. Lots to think about!
Well, that is my update!
Claire, are you in England? Are you doing to englad still? Are you still planning to come out to visit us and your new niece nephew? Let us know!
Take care all!


JAnie & DAve said...
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Sue said...

Finally you let us know....i feel so relieved, my life can continue....*sigh*hahaha

Soooooooooooooo,'ll do just fine! :) No worries, God keeps everything under His control. Doula sounds like fun, good thinking. :) pack fun snacks for when you are locked in the hospital overnight without anyone but baby dear. I don't know how your Hospital will work, because it isn't the one i went to..haha, but i was STARVING (since you aren't allowed to eat during the WHOLE time you are in the hospital before baby) and the snacks we had held me over until breakfast the next day! just a little thought i had today....okay, that was a really long comment, ha. sorry.

JAnie & DAve said...

hey sue, thanks for the advice! I know one of our hospitals has a "snack bar" in the hallway that women can eat from, but not partners i believe. They just updated both hospitals birthing wards 5 years ago so we have really nice ldrp (labour, delivery, recovery, postpartum) rooms. but, sometimes they are all filled up... so we are going to prep for anything! What did you nibble on during labour that helped you?
take it easy!

justus said...

Ice... I personally wanted ice.. that is all I nibbled on while in labor. It is so much fun to have a baby. It seems so overwelming but in the end it is soo worth it!
I love the dress on the cat... never seen that before, clothes on dogs yes, but not cats!
Have a great day!

Sue said...

During labor, nothing, i wasn't allowed, but after baby was born i had a bag of mixed nuts and raisins...yumyum and i think some fruit. But the nuts helped a lot. :) heehee. Sounds like your hospital is going to be lovely!!! that is AWESOME, nothing like feeling well cared for and nearly pampered for baby birthing time!!