Tuesday, January 03, 2006

39 Weeks

It is January 3, 2005 and our due date is ONE week away!!!! EEEEEEKKKKKK, can you believe that? I cannot, yet i wish the baby were working his/her way out this second!
Just to keep everyone updated on how pregnant i am looking, here are a few pictures! In these pictures you can see some of the Babino's room: Yellow walls, blue and green dresser, change pad, basket (for diapers, etc..)! We just bought a curtain rod,drawer pulls (pretty ones with leaves!), and a bulliten board for lots of shots of baby! We are also going to put a shelf on the wall above the dresser. I am having so much fun getting a room ready for the baby!
Have a Happy


justus said...

ok Janie, I am betting that you have that wonderful wonder in your hands in 4 days! You look so joyful, and just shining! Good luck on your last week or so!

Maria Jane Tuininga said...

Your belly is AMAZING!!! I don't think I've seen anything like it. How you stand up is beyond me... Are you sore? How are you? Other than the HUGE belly you have going: YOU LOOK FANTASTIC! Full of color, and life! Well done. Well done.
Anyhow. You are insane! But I love the yellow of the room... how IS the new apartment? Liking it? How's the landlord...? Again: No one really compares to Doug... *sigh*
Jodi and I made Doug some "Christmas Baking" as a gift... I think he almost cried. He's such a cute little man...
Anyhow. Have a wonderful day! I am so excited for your baby to GET HERE!!!!!!!

Talk to you later!


kelly said...

so close! I almost dread those last few days because i have a feeling they'll just drag on for me (i'm a bit impatient that way). Baby room looks great - you two seem very ready! YAY! :)

JAnie & DAve said...

Thanks for all the awesome comments! I love it!

So, we have some betting going on eh? 4 days! Tee hee, i hope so!

New apartment is super great, once you get behind our door! And i am doing wonderful other than the baby! I am enjoying these days that feel like holidays a little, until baby comes, then they will be the best days ever (but yes, the time does drag on!)!
Thanks for the encouragement all!

justus said...

Thanks for letting me know about the link to the pictures. I will see about getting that fixed when we get back to Brampton. Jason will have to get it fixed at work. Thanks for letting us know!
3 days! I am sure of it!!!
Hope your still feeing good.

Anonymous said...

Mom C here,

I say Friday 6th :)

JAnie & DAve said...

Oh la la, i love this betting! So the 6th and the 7th eh?

I could go for either of those days!

westcoastloon said...

Hmm, which day, which day. . . I'm not sure but I want to say up fron that personally, I think you're having a girl. No idea why but I do.

I finished a little project I've been working and it'll be in the mail on its way to you tomorrow. Hmmmmm what could it be what could it be?

Can't wait to see the baby on the outside (and even better can't wait until I get to visit and hold the little bundle myself.)

Love to you,