Wednesday, January 04, 2006

ENGAGED.... the pelvis!!! That is, the baby! At my doctors apt. today she confirmed that the baby has moved down and the head is in the pelvis. I thought walking was a little harder than usual these days! I had fun being engaged the first time, and this time brings just as much excitement! tee hee

This of course does not guarentee the baby is coming within the next week, but it sure is on track for doing it's thing!

Today I had a wonderful visit with a friend from my second year in college! She lives and goes to school in Calgary, but is out to visit her parents in Winkler for the holidays. Because she needed to be back in Winkler (1 hr, outside the city) by 1pm we decided that we would have brunch together. She met me at my house and accompanied me to my 9 am doctors appointment, and then we went for breakfast/brunch. We had a wonderful time chatting and catching up! She also gave Dave, baby and I a beautiful present. Here is a picture of her and me, and the beautiful present! Thanks Heidi, you are very thoughtful. Oh, and the funniest thing: her and her boyfriend have a bet going on the gender, and the loser has to take the other out for dinner!!! Ha ha, i love it! Pictures:
Nice eh? It looks like it is a wood carving, but it feels and weighs more like some sort of stone. I am very grateful to be the recipient of such a lovely gift!

I am going to spend some time tonight working in dishes, and then i will put my feet up and watch some Friends on DVD, which will also give me some time to work on crocheting Dave's mitten!

We'll keep everyone posted!


Anonymous said...

Mom C says,

I love the artwork that Heidi brought you. What a great gift that you will have for ever.

Love, Mary XX

Matt said...


Matt said...

By the way, my mom said that if you ever need babysitting, or someone close by for anything mother-related, she would be willing to help out. You can call my place and ask for Debbie (or Matt's mom!).

JAnie & DAve said...

Thanks Matt!

Sue said...

hi there folkies,
yippppeeeeeee you are engaged again!! :) nearly time for baby things to happen! wowzers! we will pray for labor to start in the morning when you awake....i think that is lovelier than at night when you want to be sleeping....
love from us.
dave,sue,and julia
ps. julia is singing in her crib, it is quiet time...she is saying, "nana, nana, aunti sarwa, aunti sarwa, mommy, mommy, do do do eeeeee"
yes. she is cute. you will have your very own cuteness sooooon. :)

justus said...

things should be happening any time now! I still say anyday, not far away!