Thursday, January 12, 2006

Baby's Room

This is the room our beloved will soon live in!! Friends from church gave us a crib. Claire lovingly crocheted the blanket featured on the end! We painted our old dresser and added a change mat for the Baby's Bum! I have all the diapers, etc in the basket on the dresser (thanks girls) hidden behind some books in this picture! We have yet to put a shelf up above the dresser to put cute little things on display!
Here I am feeling rather sad that my baby has not come yet! But i was just being silly... i am not really as sad as i look!
Here is a clear view of the wonderful curtains i made for the baby. I found the fabric on sale.. what a wonderful thing! Oh, and our bathing centre!!
More lovely blanket made with care and tenderness... and you can see our turtle mobile thingy from ten thousand villages! They have awesome baby/children's toys and such there!
And here is just one more of my favortie things: leafy drawer pulls. If you know me (or have seen my engagement ring!) then you know i looooovvveeeee leaves and fall, etc... I was very pleased to find these drawer pulls and just love the way they look! Thanks Dave for understanding my need to buy leafy drawer pulls when simple ones would do! He loves me and likes my quirks!

So i am just passing the time until the baby comes to be with us in the outer world! Oh, i can't take credit for the pictures... dave took them... he is very good with the camera!
-the colvinson's


kelly said...

ooooh - i love seeing pictures of the baby room. it gets me so exicted for when we can have OUR baby room done! But i don't blame you for being sad - that baby needs to say hello to the world!!!

Rach said...


justus said...

Well done guys. Everything is comming together. Now, if we could convince the baby to come...
Have you done much more nesting Janie?

Anonymous said...

Janie & Dave,

The pics are great, the room looks fantastic and you are both staying healthy! Well done Claire for choosing the right colours for the baby blanket. What a lovely room, all it needs now is a baby to go in it - anytime now I suspect.

Wait patiently as you can, baby will be born in God's perfect time.

Love, Mom XX

JAnie & DAve said...

Thanks all!!! We have had alot of fun putting the room together. I think every house needs a baby room even if there isn't a baby; the room is just such a relaxing, tranquil place to be!!
Take care

Sue said...

JANERS, i wanted those leaf handles for our kitchen!!!!! but i didn't want to pay for the large number of them i'd need for a kitchen...haha.
good taste.
:)BEAUTIFUL ROOM and nice tummy you. take care. i'm going to go pray for your baby to come tomorrow.