Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Happy Due date!

Hi everyone,

Thanks for all the encouragement and comments. While there is still no baby i had a pretty great day. I guess the baby knows best when he/she is due! Dave and i just got home from a nice long walk. I don't know if it will start labour, but while i was walking i sure could feel pressure and mild discomfort. Today was filled with many phone calls from people saying hang in there, a visit with friends, and 4 loads of laundry. I try to move about during the day as much as i can and then sit more in the evening when the ankles have gotten all swollen. Tomorrow i have an appointment with the doctor so we will find out if there is any progress going on inside.
That's about all i have to say at this point. Oh, one more thing: i like my cats lots and lots!!!



westcoastloon said...

I keep waiting for that happy phone call and praying for you guys. Did anything arrive in the mail today?

Thinking of you,

encino man said...

ugh ooh booga

Sue said...

where is baby
where oh where is baby!
we want to hear
can't wait to hear
that baby is near...

You'd do awesome Janers, enjoy labor....it's FUN! teehee.

justus said...

NO baby yet. Keep up the good work. In time the baby will be here. Walking is always good. Keeping busy also passes the time!

Lori said...

hey Janie, I'm also waiting expectantly for the blog post that says "he/she's here!!!!!!" So exciting!
Love you