Sunday, January 08, 2006

Supreme Chocolate Cheesecake

I made a delicious chocolate cheesecake last night! First cheesecake ever! I thought if i feed the baby yummy food it just wouldn't be able to resist coming into the world to eat more of the food for itself! Unfortunately the baby did not agree and is still enjoying the pleasure of nutrients through the umbilical cord.

So now i have a like 3/4 of a cake left, and only dave and i to eat it! Darn...

It is sunday night. One and a half days until the day date. Thanks for your prayers; i know God has the very best timing, has
immense amounts of care and love for me, dave and the baby, and is watching over us all. I just need to find something to distract myself in the mean time, like making chocolate cheesecakes!

Happy waiting to you all!

Oh, i think you need more entertainment than just my ramblings, so i am going to put some funny pictures of Dave up... just one sec... there we go... he he he

Oh, and these are some of our friends: Brad over by the Christmas tree, Tricia, Sarah, and KKKarl! This is on New Years Eve, before the party really got kicking and i forgot to take pictures!


Sarah said...

We're all eagerly awaiting the arrival of Baby Colvinson!

I'm sure our house would be glad to take some of that cake off your hands.

Oh, and that facial hair is naaaaaaaasty. Please tell me it's not staying around. It might scare baby back into the birth canal.

;) love,

the salmon said...

janie, i remember that feeling, wanting sooo bad to go into labor. what i learned from that experience was to encourage other moms-to-be to enjoy every last second with your husband. the baby will change your relationship bringing so many wonderful happy times and of course some challenges too. and as you've heard, labor hurts too, its true, so enjoy the less painful time of being very pregnant (cuz that can hurt too!). but i do hope you go into labor soon and meet your special new someone. God bless you and dave as you enter hands on parenting!

one more thing: you look beautiful pregnant!

amanda (coworker of claire's)

justus said...

What no baby yet?? Janie, go out walking!! That seemed to work for me. Mind you that was 5 years ago. I am sure that.. by... the ... 15th you will have a baby in hand!!
Btw.. pass some of that cheese cake this way! Sounds yummy

JAnie & DAve said...

Ah hahaha!

Witness the power of the Might 'STACH! None can stand to the awesome fury of the cookie-duster!


topo gigio said...

please try hard to grow a corresponding mullet which would match your dirty trashful 'stache.