Friday, January 27, 2006

Rachel Dolynchuk - DO NOT READ!

If you're NOT Rachel Dolynchuk, please continue.
(If you are, Ninjas have been dispatched to your location to prevent you from reading further)

We just got this email from Carol, Rachel's mom:

Rach's birthday is january 30th. She wont be home...she has a long weekend and has gone camping so she wont be home till late Monday night.

So...if you can send her a quick e-mail over the weekend...that would be great.

She asked us to pass it along to various friends and family who know and love her, but since I'm terrible with email, I through I'd blog all about it. You can also check out her blog over there ---->

Keepin' it real,

PS> Corrina is amazingly sweet, awesomely coolish and rockin'!


Carol said...

You guys are sweet....more Corrina pictures please!

Anonymous said...

SO why does Rachel get a birthday greeting, but I don't? I only live 10 minutes away and I didn't even get a phone call... Really no bitterness at all

3-of-5 said...

Hi, Kendra speaking - ok, typing- I'm Claire's roommate - well one of them - and I just wanted to say Congratulations! on your new daughter. It has been fun watching Claire get excited about being an auntie. I know she'll do a bang up job (she's had practice with my nieces, and they adore Auntie Claire). I just wanted to say, last time I was looking at your blog I clicked on "Favorite Website", and I must say that Homestar Runner, and Strongbad, really are hilarious. It is now on my Bookmark list! Bye

Rach said...

sorry, I peeked. Those ninjas are brutal. Thanks, everyone...^^