Friday, February 03, 2006

I found it!

For many a year now, I have been searching. Tirelessly searching. Tirelessly and endlessly and expeditiously searching.

And of course, when I say "tirelessly" and "endlessly", I mean that at the very least I never really actually and completely stopped, which is much easier to do when the going is only really half-hearted to begin with. And of course by "searching" I mean that I've been keeping a general eye out for, and occasionally asking the odd person, some of whom may or may not have been in a position to accurately respond.

At any rate, and at the very least, I've been curious. Perhaps one might say mildly curious. Yet out of that mild yet unquenchable curiosity has sprung forth a near Herculean effort (which, while fettered by the daily grind of other more innocuous pursuits such as social responsibility and personal hygiene, is nonetheless impressive) to track down and otherwise lay hold of a fleeting artifact, unbeknownst to the collective consciousness for eons, from the very depths of my origin.

It might be fair to clarify that “origins” could rightly describe any point previous to the current one. And perhaps it would be courteous to point out that what might be mere months or possibly only a few years to you or I could easily be considered eons to something of a lesser earthly duration. Say, perhaps, an earwig. And while the reference to the great Olympians of old may not represent an accurate gauge of my labors in the traditional sense, it cannot be said that my attempted efforts were not entirely without at least some degree of personal anguish and sacrifice.

The long and the short of it is this:

Back in High school Karla Ann Naus showed us a book created from although not entirely written by a Dr Suess. Ever since I’ve been trying to remember the title and track down the book. Today I managed to. Good for me.



Lori said...

and it is called . . . and I found it by . . . and I'm having each page framed in . . . and if someone offers me $---,---,---,--- for it, I will still not sell it . . . and . . .
(yeah, you didnt finish the story, as I'm sure was the point, to get a response, eh?)
:) Lori

Matt said...

Neat! Did you see the Dr. Seuss adaptation at the Super Bowl, starring Harrison Ford?

Maria Jane Tuininga said...


thanks for the note. you guys rock.
um, excuse me, could we plan on some random day, when I could just come by... and see you... and your BABY... (I wont eat her.)
I love you both!


JAnie & DAve said...

Maria, Give us a call sometime. Janie is so busy these days that I doubt she'll have time to phone, but I know she'd love to hear from you.