Sunday, February 19, 2006

One Month Old

Corrina has hit her first little landmark in the space- time- wrinkle continum: she is ONE MONTH OLD! Wowzas! Her little face is chubbier, and when weighed on the 16th she came in at a stunning 9 lbs 10 oz. Good eater! So she is healthy, we are mostly rested, and our house definately needs some deep cleaning. Any volunteers???
Here are some pictures to keep you ooohhhing and aaawwwing.
Here is Corrina yesterday enjoying her swing. She has been making some very "content" faces that are almost smiles! So fun!
Here is Corrina on Valentines day in her Valentines dress, courtesy of Pam! Thanks!

And here is Corrina enjoying the afternoon in her sling.. made lovingly by Auntie Heather S! She snuggles right down into it and falls asleep to the enjoable bounce of my walking.


mammasita said...

aww she is looking great!! love seeing pics of her. They sure do grow fast dont they! Im excited for elaina's apt on thursday (2months) keep the pics a coming

the g's said...

awww! she's such a doll- wow that month flew by! (love the overalls!)

justus said...

Wow Janie, she sure is growing. I have been looking forward to pictures of babe. She looks like such a happy baby. I hope you start getting more sleep.
Good luck with things.

westcoastloon said...

Yeah photos! She is SOOO cute (and Janie you look fabulous!). I'll clean when I come -- two weeks and counting...

I am SOOO very much looking forward to seeing you guys and hugging you and go ing gaga over your baby girl.


The Amazing Mr Rae said...

I'll say this for you guys, you have more babies than I do. I guess you're winning right now. But don't worry. I'll find a good Catholic girl and I'll catch up in no time. But congratulations none the less and may the best parents win.

Sue said...


thanks for the pics Janers. YOu guys have been parents for a month....WOW time flies.

:) we love you three.
from d,s and j

Anonymous said...

Mom said,

She just gets cuter!!!!!! Great pics, thanks so much. We miss you guys.

love, Mom & Dad XX

Lori said...

thanx for posting pictures! She's just adorable. I can't tell who she looks like - honestly I don't really see either of you, but seing pictures doesnt' really do justice to the real thing. But she sure is a cutie head!