Thursday, March 23, 2006

Cookies, Movies, and other ill-propagated suffixes

Everyone needs to ask Janie for her Oatmeal Raisin Cookie recipe. They're awesome!

Speaking of words that end in "ie", have you ever thought about how funny the word "Movie" is? It's hilarious! It's just a basic observation of one aspect of the product, dumbed down without a real suffix. It sounds about as child like a description as possible. Like Dave Naus naming his childhood favourite toys "Brownie" or "Blackie" or "Greyie". Why? Take a wild guess. "Movie." I can't say the word anymore without giggling.

And who am I to say that giggling is a bad thing? I say we take things one step further. I say we start referring to all film-industry related positions in more child-like terms. Lines and scripts could be the "talkies". Special effects workers could be "blower-upers". Wardrobe could be know as "playing dress up". Because isn't that what the movies (giggle) are after all? A giant game of make-believe?

In conclusion, don't forget about that recipe.

PS> I get to work on a movie set in few weeks time! I'm so excited! I feel so "grown up!"
= D


Anonymous said...

What movie set do you get to work on in a few weeks Dave - you never tell me ANYTHING!

love Mom XX

Sue said...

WHAT WHAT?? you are a movie star?? did you grow up to be a movie star??

that is crazy.

don't grow up.

tell us more!

and GIVE US THAT RECIPE!! MAN, you can't just LEAVE us hanging!!

from naus-lings

Anonymous said...

Well with all your word obsessions as of late, are you ever going to go back and correct your spelling of the word Semantics? It's driving me crazy (even though it's in the archives now).

JAnie & DAve said...

Na, like I correct spelling.

You know, I once had one of those little primary school work books - you know the kind you have that you write "Science" or "Math" on the front of? Anyway, apparently mine was a "speling" book. Which, really, is far more creative if you ask me.