Wednesday, May 24, 2006

A gazillion things

Just for your information, sometimes i go through my day thinking "i could blog this' or 'wow, won't everyone love this picture' or 'let's do something we can blog about later'. Do you do this too, or am i a wako?? I am feeling a little obsessed with the net again, now that dave is back at work. Ohhhh, i have a great 'healthy pancake' recipie to share. I took it from my friend sarah's veg cookbook. It is super delicious and filling and healthy! I will post it soon. Right now i have to pull myself away from here, while Corrina naps, and go do something with my hands. I think it will be oatmeal cookies. Yum (we really try to eat healthy, but i think we eat too many healthy things, which is still over eating when it comes down to it. ekkk).


Anonymous said...

Mom said: Janie I'm really glad you like to blog. It lets me feel like I'm nearer to you all and part of your everyday life. Blogs are great for grandparents!

Mom XX

mammasita said...

janie I love the blog world, keeps so many people linked together!!! I am the same way!! Im aways looking for things to blog. Can you believe how hot it is out the last couple of days. Too hot for me and Im guessing to hot for Elaina I've had her in just her diaper all day. I cant really explain to you how she is getting around crawling. Its really strange lol. she likes to go backwards though!! But hey we should get together some time soon so I can return your book and so the girls can play together!! Go for a walk to a park or something and enjoy this wonderfully hot weather. Going to have to get used to it sooner then later..

Sue said...


that was weird, like reading something i had thought, but it was your thoughts that were thunk...strange.

i feel the same! :) haha.

justus said...

Janie, you have to share all your recipes! I love to bake, cook, and try new things.
I am glad you are back to updating your blog.
I stop by daily!

JAnie & DAve said...

I am glad to know that i am not alone in my bloggi-ness! I think it was susan who started her blog with the intention of sharing recipies and all her 'domestic diva' tricks... but i am stealing her plan.. mwahhh ha ha ha by sharing my recipies too. mwahhhh ha ha ha
It certainly has been warm in winnipeg. Luckily we don't get much direct sunlight into our apartment so we think it will stay 'cooler' (relative phrase... when it's really hot out 'cooler' will mean like 30 degrees inside instead of 35!) in our place!I am excited for 'just diaper' days!
I don't know why i am writting all this in my comment section, but i am! Happy days to all, in ontario, winnipeg, bc, and who knows where else (i am always meeting friends of friends who say they read our blog... i am sure that happens to all of us! I like 'secret' readers!)
k, bye now.

Lori said...

Alberta too!
When the blog is running your life, then it's time to cut back!!! But it's so fun to be able to keep up on each other's lives even when we're so far away and never actually talk!

the g's said...

hey janie! yay for bloginess!! i've been missing out since our comp's been busted- totally understand ya! i saw you mom the other day--it was so funny- brook and i were out for a walk when i see this lady walking across the street and i thought- that looks like janie's mom- and it was! :) have a great weekend you guys!

Pam said...

you're a wacko just like tricia...Tricia is constantly saying on our trip..oh I should blog about this or I have to mention this in my's quite funny. But it's quite cool how blogs keep you up to date on whats going on with people you can't see regularly. Maybe even I will get into it. Oh and Corrina is the cutest baby ever!!