Sunday, June 11, 2006

Winnipeg Children's Festival

Now that we have a child we can frequent such events as "the Winnipeg International Children's Festival". Of course this was more for Dave and me than Corrina at this point, but we want to make a habit of taking her out and about!

In the morning we saw a wonderful children's poet/story teller, Sheree Fitch, who shared some of her books. Lots of tongue twisters! It was a great start to the day.

Next we went to see a show by a performer named Al Simmons. He was amazing! His songs were hilarious, and his performance was so entertaining and had us laughing and singing along. One of his songs is about how when you go to see performers they always make the audience participate. The song went:

"Don't make me sing along,
don't make me sing along,
when you perform your song, please
do it on your own,
leave the audience alone,
Keep the entertainment on the stage. Because
That's where it belongs
Keep the houselights low
I'm not in the show
Don't make me sing along."

And of course he had a giant print out of the lyrics, and had everyone singing along! It was too much! he had a pointer and everything and ran into the audience and sang with people. I loved it!

Wow, if you ever ever have a chance to see him GOOOO! At the end of his set he sang a song about being a 'gypsy sock' that wanted to escape. He ended by running to the back of the tent (where we were nicely sitting with out little baby, out of all the kids way..) because he was the gypsy sock running away from the sock drawer. He proceeded to climb ontop of a wire garbage can and balance himself while singing. Then he admitted that he couldn't get down and beckoned Dave over to him. Dave was wearing Corrina in the cuddly wrap (strapped to the front of his chest... sleeping), and Al started climbing onto his back! It was awesome! Then he told dave "take me to the stage", so dave made his way through crowds of laughing children, while carrying Al (50 year old, skinny, but very tall), and Corrina on his front! A shinning moment. Of course Corrina woke up and had a look at everyone from the stage!

*Dave's 2 cents*
I had to add a few more things about Al, because after all it was me that made Janie go back and watch him a second time! Al was great because he was big and falmboiant and loved what he was doing. He had a 3-piece suit that turned into a bagpipe-players uniform and he had hats that shot water and popped open and inflated! He also had a crazy Trumpet contraption on which he played "the entire 1812 overture, including the all churchbells and the cannon fire" --what he didn't mention is that his one instrument also added water guns, a slide wistle, confetti and a little flag! And any show with an streamer-shooting rainbow trout is great by me!
You can check out for lots of fun stuff and a few song downloads! Make sure you look up "IM4U" and the Swimsuit Calendar!

*Back to Janie*
After that show we saw Sharon and Bram (Lois doesn't tour anymore). They sang all my fav's: peanut butter jelly, the wheels on the bus, the elephant song, skinnamarinky..., walk right in sit right down baby let your mind roll on... etc.. etc..! it was awesome! We just sang along.

We missed Fred penner because we had to get lunch, but we saw a few of his songs. And to end the day we saw Charlotte Diamond, who sang songs i didn't even know i knew.. but when she began to sing my childhood memories kicked in! "Four hugs a day that's the minimum, 4 hugs a day, not the maximum" I went to tons of these things as a child, but this was Dave's FIRST festival! he had a wonderful time! Can't wait for Folk Fest, and Fringe Fest... and i know there are others... !!!

Wow, lots of writing. We forgot our camera, so no pics.
Saturday we had a church picnic at Brid's hill provincial park so we were 45 minutes from home out in the bushes for all of the day! It was fun, not too huge, but we came home with sunburns(not Corrie, just dave and i). Dave tossed and turned all night because of his burning arms. You see, it was so cloudy when we left and the weather forcast did not mention that it would actualy be sunny yesterday, so we just weren't prepared. Alas the sun came out, dave was wet from playing many games with youth and children, and the sun hit him hard. Boo. But, now we are ready for summer and have put a permanent bottle of sunscreen in the diaper bag and car!

it is now sunday. Our church Celebrated Trinity Sunday, a special day to learn about the trinity and celebrate God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. We also had hotdog sunday and love winnipeg, so we are very tired and are hiding for the evening even though there is another church event we are suppose to be going to. We told everyone they don't want us there because we will just be grumpy!
Dave is taking a nap (Corrina too!) and i am cleaning (actualy relaxing for me!) Tonight is our downtime because we have been busy every day and evening since tuesday! Wowzers.

Have a super night everyone. We sure will!


justus said...

I can't believe Lois isn't touring with the rest of them anymore.. how could they continue??(I wonder if age has anything to do with it)

Glad you had a good time at the Festival, there is so much going on in Winnipeg! There is always fun things for children there.
Hope your supper was good..
I did BBQ veggies, and taco salad!

the g's said...

so awesome! sharon (minus lois) and bram and fred penner---that sure takes me back! sounds like a fun day you guys- and corrina's room is looking really cute- love the colours of the shelf and hooks- have a great night you guys!

Lori said...

That sounds like so much fun. I'm sure Corrie will love going to festivals throughout her life, if she's anything like her parents! Or else she'll learn to hate them cause she'll end up going to so many :)
Love Lori