Tuesday, June 06, 2006

This post have been rated PG-13 by Some People who know what's best...

Interesting article I found over at www.thinkchristian.net "Is Christianity Anti-Sex

Love to hear your thoughts.


Anonymous said...

Mom said: see Dr. Kevin Leman's book "Sheet Music" which promotes married sex in an informative and at times humourous way.

God created sex for the enjoyment of married couples (one man + one woman)so obviously it is a good thing.

I'm not saying any more because you are my son and there are some things you really don't want to know.

Love, Mom XX

Sue said...


good answer mama-C.

Dave: who are those people who know what is best?? i've always wanted to meet them. i think they have it all wrong. ;)

Article: good, short. interesting. thought provoking. Christians do shy away from sex talk, but it all depends who you are talking to. some people are more than willing to talk straight with ya. it is refreshing.and other times, you just want them to shut up. :)haha.

JAnie & DAve said...

Sue, if your dave is a real homestarrunner fan he should be able to tell you who these people are that know best!
-The D Man

justus said...

I am really not sure what to comment on this...
I have family who are "gay". I just keep thinking that God created us to love one another, and I just have to love my family, and share God with them when I can.
It sure can be a touchy subject. I don't think they should be teaching it in school, if they took religion out of school, why put that in? I never saw a problem with a bible reading in a public school. Now you would never hear it.
I wish we could afford to send Taylor to a Christian school, but it cost more then Jason's college tuition did!

JAnie & DAve said...

Don't worry too much Robyn, i think it is very very possible to raise an upstanding Christian son, without having him attend a Christian school. Perhaps a little more work for you and your Children's Program at church, but very doable. Corrina most likely won't be gong to a Christian school. I am very fond of public school, but when it comes down to it i think it depends on the needs of your particular child, to be honest! I would not have liked a Christian private school, nor would i have thrived in a homeschool environment. Other kids do really well learning at home with a parent and other siblings or friends (plus, the feild trips are way better for homeschools, sometimes, i hear), or in a Christian environment. To be very precise, i would never consider sending Corrina to a Christian high school, but in some circumstances i would consider a Christian elementary school. I think by the teen years that public school gives youth an opportunity to make friends with people who have different beliefs, have different family home lives, and to experience moments when they need to make decisions for themselves. From my experience with friends who attended Christian high schools, there really weren't lowered statistics of premarital sex, substance abuse, and drug use to brag about (just better 'hiding skills' and facades, in some cases). I also disagree with the amount of gender roles that pushed in some (not all) Christian schools(ohhh, this could turn into another heated debate/discussion).
The socialization of Children into religion is an interesting topic. I wrote a paper on it sometime or another in college, and i remember coming across fascinating research. It was for my Sociology of Religion course. SOOO interesting!

Corrina is napping, i am going to get ready for the day and make a weekly menu and grocery list... we are running out of food, but we have plently compared to alot of families in canada, and other famished countries. For this i am thankful!

Oh, i think we read "sheet music" during one of our premarital seminars. It was a great metaphor!

JAnie & DAve said...

The "Some people who know what's best" is a quote from "Commandos in the Classroom-Leasson 4: Inappropriate peer-2-teen choice behaviors"

Just so you know.

But if you're interested in who really says that they know best, you can check out http://www.mpaa.org/ for the Motion Picture Association of America. Basically any movie that wants to appear in theatres has to run it by these people first. In Canada we also have our own secondary rating system, but they seem to just rate everything "PG".

Sue said...

interesting...that explains a lot...

kinda like a group-conscience-of-the-world idea??

they don't do that great of a job...ha