Friday, July 07, 2006

We went to see Super Man!

That's Right! We went to see the Man of Steel! The Big Guy in Blue! Kryptonite's Favourite Son!

And let me tell YOU! It was........sold out. Crap.

So, what do you do when you've got a babysitter for a few precious hours and the movie you've been standing in line for is sold out? You go see the next best thing. Fast and the Furious 3? Not a chance. New Adam Sandler Movie? Too risky. Hmmmm, lastest by Napoleon Dynamite creator, Jared Hess? Interesting! But wait, didn't Janie say she never wanted to see this...

And by that point she'd already bought the tickets and we were on our way.

So yes, we WENT to see Superman, but ended up at Nacho Libre! Which, I have to say, was not the greatest movie of all time, but certainly was funny enough for me! Jack Black was much more understated than his typcial roles, which I think really worked for him. I thought he was funny without being annoying, and even managed to be quite sincere despite that mustache. But the show was stolen, in my opinion, by his wrestling partner with the humungous lips - Steven! All he had to do was the rediculous smile and I was laughing!

The movie is more "normal" than Napoloen was, but at the same time the pacing was way off from a regualar movie. Much more laid back, to the point of being awkward. And I loved it! When Nacho goes off into "the Wilderness" to die, builds himself a little shelter from sticks, and starts eating bugs and grass, but ends ups being only 100 feet from the edge of town - I nearly lost it. Too good.

Bre, Ernie, if you two haven't seen this movie yet, let me say one thing: Mexico. Entirely film in mexico with an almost entirelty Mexican cast and crew.

So Nacho Libre is not for everyone, but for fans of Jack Black or Jared Hess, it could just be a winner.

By the way, has anyone seen Superman? Is it any good? The closest I've got is this cartoon. Let me know.


justus said...

Sounds like you had a good time away. Is this the first time you have been away from Baby?
Hope you enjoyed your "date"

mammasita said...

hey you should have check out the drive in. We went the this evening and watched super man and click. had a good time too