Sunday, July 16, 2006

The never ending bloooggggg... ohaooooahhoh

We rented, and are still making our way through, the never ending story! Yes, the fabulous 80's classic has invaded our evenings! I was so excited when the flying pink dog (otherwise known as the luck dragon) made his apperance! Just love him. I was thinking about the scene where Atreyou (or however the heck i should be spelling it) is romping around in the mud, in the swamp of sadness (the name alone! Ha!).. and i was thinking about what the director must have told him: "slosh around in the mud for about ten minutes, changing directions alot, and looking really sad and lonely." That would have been a super funny scene to act if you ask me. When i was a little girl i would stick necklaces on my head and pretend i was the empress.. te he. And the big indifferent turtle who refuses to help and is allergic to Atreyou... so good! This weekend, in two movies, i watched men put raw egg in with orange juice, mix in various ways, then proceed to ingest the concotion. EWWWWW. Can anyone name the other recent hit movie that this happens in? Common, this is an EASY one!

In other news, i went to the beach and burnt myself. Little miss Julia has it right when she remebers to wear her sunscreen. Little miss Janie thought it would be fine to not screen up her legs, because heck, they hardly tan, let alone burn.. unless you are in the manitoba scorching sun, lying on your back. I should have just had a big orange sign taped to my butt reading "Give me skin cancer. How about my legs?" It stings to bend at the knees, and considering i have a baby who plays on the floor, i am doing this lots. OUCH! Silly Janie. Oh, Corrina went swimming for the first time, which is really boring to write about because there aren't any pictures to go with it. I forgot the camera. Opps. But, i think dave and i are going to pack up and head to the beach tomorrow, monday, for Corrie's second swimming adventure!

On Corrie's door i hung a chalk board so i could write the latest news: "Corrie's grounded for going out with friends too late. DO NOT ENTER" or "Don't give her dinner, she's been bad"(two punishments i never actualy plan on using!) or "Corrina's making very delicate card towers: DO NOT ENTER" (i was thinking in the future... ) So, after get bored with myself writing her recent weight with a few flowers beside the numbers, i told dave it was his turn to decorate the chalk board. Here is what he did:So... if your very cute baby goes missing, they are probably just at m y house!
I found this very cute white dress at the thrift store and purchased it so dave could personalize it for Baby. Hmmm, what will he do????
And here are some other pictures of hard to resist Corrina!

Well, baby feeding awaits me, followed by husband and self feeding, followed by house cleaning, and if time, a little never ending! Exciting!


Tammy said...

Janie, sounds like you guys have had some fun advenrtures. how did she like swimming? i remeber when i first took rawley. it was awesome. corrina is so cute. i can not get enough of her!!!
love tammy

justus said...

what a wonderful choice in movies!! great movie.

Glad that Corina got her first swimming it, it is so needed in this heat! Glad you guys have found some ways to get out and enjoy the heat!
The sun sure can hurt, but you can also enjoy it if done in the right way!!

mammasita said...

Hey Janie, I went to the beach today and burned too!
I cant wait to go back to the beach again. I didnt take elaina wiith me today though. I just went with my cousins and aunt.
fun anyways
Corrina looks like she is having fun in the pics.

westcoastloon said...

Just when I think I've seen the cutest Corrina picture EVER there's another one. She makes my heart happy :)

Wish I was coming to visit....

dan said...

i love that movie too...although for a kids movie its odd that those huge oracle statues are topless.

Rachel Z said...

She's gorgeous, you are too. And hilarious. I love that I get to peek in on your life. You still haven't told me why you're in Wpg, what church, and what your hubby does.
Is that Danny Peters I see?!

Sue said...

aaaaaawwwwwwwwwww how incredibly cute and beautiful and sweet and lovely!

Ooh, you must have had a blast swimming, besides the burning thing, ug. i hate being sunburned! Poor Janers, i wish i could give you some nice cooling aloe gel!

Love the dress, i can't wait to see how it turns out!!

JAnie & DAve said...

ha ha, in repsonse to dan's comment about the topless oracles: dave and i were talking about that (over dinner), and we decided they must have filmed an alternate version were the lazers came out of the VERY prominent nipples... and they called it "the never ending Horny..."

we thought we were funny.
I think it's okay to mention that on my blog.. it is all adults who read it, i hope!

Rachel i will send you an email!
Keyra, are you still up for swimming on friday? I am!

hello all else, and thanks for comments!
Going to the beach now!

mammasita said...

swimming YES!!!!! for sure im up to it! cant wait. we shal have fun!

Tricia said...

I hated the Never Ending Story. I watched it at my first sleepover birthday party, and had nightmares. I still won't watch it.

dr riptide said...

Hey guys, the other movie is Rocky II, the one where Rocky fights Clubber Lang (MR T), who by the way, had an stupendously aweful music video about respecting your mother. If you can find it, it is worth watching just so you can feel the hairs on the back of your neck stand up.

the g's said...

ahh...the neverending story...haven't visited that one in a while...good times! guys make me laugh- love checkin' in on your blog...can't believe corrina's 6 months already! what a cutie!! can't wait to meet her one day...yeah janie, we live in a diff place- 2nd place since the one you visited me in- moved to a basement suite and now own 60% of our house! very cool- love the yard and house and neighbourhood!! alright- bye!

Sue said...

happy happy six months OLD!!!!!!!!wowwowwow!!!!!

half of one year....

oooooh what a darling. i wish we could meet you and hold you!
from sue,dave,and julia