Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Back Home!

I wrote this a week ago:

I had such a great time in BC with my Momma! The thrift stores in Chilliwack are amazing with lots of very gently used, trendy clothes! We visited the river close to her house for a walk one morning, played on the lawn with the animals... well, looked at the animals, did lots of laundry and hung it out to dry in the sunshine, went to ikea, visited with my dad and brother, visited with some friends, and soaked up the sunshine before returning to a chillier climate!
I am busy today working on crocheting projects and scoping out good patterns online (there are so many crochet and knit blogs and sites.. i am blown away!). I am waiting for some fudge icing i made to cool so i can ice a Treasure Chest cake for Brownies tonight. We are having a special Pirate themed ceremony.

Rachel, i will start looking through some books and such for craft ideas. I often find some doable things online at be sure to look there! But no worries, i will get back to you soon with my favorites from years gone by!

And yesterday:
Opps, it has been a long time. Good day for an update. Corrina is a very quick baby these days, getting into everything. She hasn't managed to eat any of the cats food yet, but she has tipped the bowl countless times. She keeps herself busy by corning the cats, laughing at the cats, crawling under the table, and chasing the broom as i sweep. We have been out for a few chilly walks and she doesn't just fine in the cold weather. She even keeps her mittens and toque on, once we are outside! our computer has been working like a snail and i think that i finally got the pictures to upload off the camera.

And Today, hopefully:
Everytime i sit to blog something happens: computer slows, COrrina quickens, phone rings, lunch time, dinner time, halloween costume making calls! Corrina will be dressed as a little woodland type fairy tonight, and i will be dressed as the tree she lives in. We have a brownie halloween party to show off our costumes at. Pictures will be taken!

Tomorrow i will post all the pictures! Right now i am off to play with COrrina, and then to continue halloween things!


Tammy said...

you are most certainly busy. it has been hard to have no news and no pictures to look at for so long. Sounds like your costume is pretty neat. can't wait to see pictures. take care, talk to you soon!

Sue said...

FInally i can see and hear from you again! i was going through withdrawl...

glad your trip was wonderful!
can't wait to see the costumes!


justus said...

Happy Halloween!!
Glad to see things are alright. I was getting worried!
I am sure your costumes will be great! It sure isn't easy making your own costmes, I am finding out the hard way!
Glad to see your back in action! Looking forward to the next post!

mammasita said...

Im glad to hear you had a good time,
Corrina sounds like she is having fun starting to get into everything!!!
I cant wait til we can get together again some time soon, I couldnt make it to the moms group this week (did you) Elaina had a crazy cold!!! But she is all better now! ummm Im not to sure where this trail by my house leads but one of these nice crisp days we have you and Corrina should come over a have a playdate, then you guys can see my new wonderful place! and maybe we can hit one of the trails!
I heard there are lots in my area I just only know of where one is!

I hope you have a wonderful day.
Talk to you soon! Call me, well chat it up!

S said...

You were in BC! I must read your blog more often! Chilliwack isn't that far time you must drop by and visit us!
Love the idea for your costumes, just priceless. Can't wait for the pictures (0: