Friday, October 27, 2006

The Pictures!

Well, the time has come for me to post photos. It is lunch time, and Corrina just fell asleep for her nap. She spent about an hour kneeling at the edge of her crib bouncing up and down and trying to snuggle her teddy and rub her eyes. She was so distracted by her new skills that despite her extreme sleepiness she couldn't stop. Eventualy i got fed up with the bouncing, whining, laughing pattern and lowered her crib to eliminate the temptation! I just don't understand what she wants these days. If you have been around us in the last week you have probably heard her new whining voice. She has alot of strong personality, which is wonderful and will take her far i am sure, but in the mean time she can't talk and thus whines at things. Anyway, now she sleeps, i am getting lunch ready for me, and i will post pictures while i wait!

Or... maybe not... the photo option just does not want to work. arggg. I will keep trying.. after i eat a litte!
Well, its not working, so i again leave you with a mundane, photo-less post!

ps, Corrina makes an adorable Fairy, and i will have to torture you longer with no photos of the dressed up babe because i forgot to take pictures. But... i will dress her up and photo-shot away!

Hope your days are filled with Jesus Love and God moments!


justus said...

Janie, Blogger has been acting up a bit. I have a hard time posting anything..... oh... wait.. that is just me.. I have a hard time figuring out what to say....

I hope you get pictures up soon. I am sure there are many people waiting to see how your trip was!
Hugs, from our house to yours

Tammy said...

What a bummer, i miss seeing beautiful Corrina pictures. Sounds liek you are very busy person these days, but hope you have time to blog soon!!!
love you