Saturday, October 28, 2006

Corrina is well past 9 months old, and i didn't say anything about it. Ops.

My Momma grows beautiful Dahlias.
Here is my older bro!
There are so many different types of dahlias. Corrina put one in her mouth, not the HUGE one pictured here, just a little one. She thinks they aren't too tasty so she just spits them out.
Hanging out with Uncle Eliot!
Checking out Grandpa! It was so great to see my dad and brother, and to have them finally meet Corrina.
Relaxing with Grandma!
Corrina got a kick out of sitting in the laundry basket while i folded. That is, until she tipped herself out and crawled away.
Our friend Karl has left for Mexico, but we did get to visit with him and other friends just before he left! He'll do pretty much anything, so we played games together!

This is Corrina sitting pretty and eating leaves on her aunty claire's front yard. We are always treated to a photo shot when we visit claire, and she is very good with the camera! Thanks Claire! Hope you are feeling alot better.
There are lots of animals at my mom's place! Martin (step-dad) has a farm and let's other farmers keep cows in his feild because he isn't a farmer himself, but likes the animals. This white chicken is called a silkey. I didn't know what the heck it was!
Moo! And they sure did do that alot. My mom lives in an apartment in the top of the barn that was specialy built for her so she could have some 'her' space (i have a very wonderfuly odd family that i love!) and of course the feild with the cows is right beside the barn. We heard alot of moooooiiiinnnnggg!
This next picture is Tina the bunny, and a chicken! They all live together! The funny thing was that my mom, who feeds them all, kept saying "Tina, eat your food" She didn't know why i was laughing.


Sue said...

i am soooooooo glad the pictures loaded finally! what a wonderful trip you had!! glorious.

i love love love farms and animals. dear things. i wish i could have a donkey in the city. aw, one day.


Sue said...

oooh and happy 'older than nine months' to Corrie! :) what a doll!

Napoleon Dynamite said...

Tina, eat your food.
...Eat your FOOD!!

Tammy said...

hey janie...
It is very nice to see new pictures on your blog. Really weird to see Elliot holding a baby...holding your baby!!! Your dad is looking very good. They all seem happy to see Corrina. Especially your mom!!!!!!Karl is also looking quite different.
Anyway, hoep you guys have a happy halloween. I will talk to you soon!

westcoastloon said...

Yeah picutres and family and cuteness and farm animals! So much fun.

Did you ever find the woodland fairy & tree costumes photos? I'd love to see those too.

Your Mom grows amazing flowers, I am VERY impressed!!!!!

Much love to you,

Anonymous said...

great pictures! She is SOOO adorable! Of course, I can't hear her whine, so she's perfect in my eyes! :)

mammasita said...

Wow looks like you had lots of fun, you have some wonderful pictures up, did you move stuff around in your living room since I was there?
Anyways its late and I should be getting to bed,.

take care

justus said...

wow Janie, great pictures! Looks like you had a great time.
I hope all is well your way. I sent a little something in the mail to you guys, hope you got it!

westcoastloon said...

Love the pic of smiling Corrina with smiling Grandma. Definitely a heritage of smiliness there.

JAnie & DAve said...

Thanks all for the thoughts! I am very impressed to see that nap d himself stopped by. I really didn't know our blog had such universal appeal! Tee hee.
I will have the halloween costume pictures up soon i think! I just haven't been in a computer mood. I think the fact that my time at home is soon coming to an end.. january... has motivated me to get myself in motion and accomplish projects and such.
Thanks again,

Tricia said...

I'm waiting for pictures from Bre's birthday party....

Lori said...

those are great pictures. I just love that the bunny's name is Tina, and that she needs to eat her food... haa! ANd so great that you got to have a bunch of family times.

dr riptide said...

Corrina is getting so BIG! I hope Mark and I can see her again, sooner than later. We are off to Bournemouth for the weekend to visit Earl (Mark's best man) and his wife Sarah. They have a baby girl that is 10 months old. Anyhow, thanks for the update. We love and miss you guys!