Wednesday, November 01, 2006

She was very busy

I had a wonderfuly productive day today, despite my dry throat and cough. I cleaned out the car and put away all the summer items that occupied the trunk: chair and kyte. I think that dave would try to fly the kyte in winter if he could. I can't wait till Corrina can run along side him with colors floating, whisping through the air. I don't really love kyte flying like he does, but i will do my best to train Corrina to! Today i also shoveled our little parking space behind our apartment. All the snow had turned to ice already beside our car, and i was slipping all over the place while trying to carry Corrina out and get her in the car. I couldn't take the chance that i might slip so i cleared all the ice with our ice pick thing! It was fun actualy. I like doing different chores! I also put away a bunch of decorations, had a wonderful lunch and dinner, and managed to make it to my mom's group in the afternoon. Feels good!
Right now Dave and Corrina are having bedtime stories on the living room floor. Dave is feeling awful because it seems he has a sinus infection. He isn't sneezing, or having a runny nose like a cold would cause. Rather he is very congested and one side of his nose is actualy visibly swollen. He has been taking 'sinus' pills throughout the day to relieve him of the headache that goes along with sinus infections and tomorrow he will visit a walk in the morning and get the real hard drugs!
Corrina was very busy last night at our halloween-Bre's birthday party, so the photos i have of her are very candid. Here is the cake we made for Bre. Dave spent about 5 hours on monday making little chocolate care bears... yup, everything on that cake is edible except the rainbow! We love bre and wanted to give her a special cake! We played games, and sent her on a scavenger type hunt game thing and ate great ethnic food made by our friends!
I was a tree, and Corrina was the woodland fairy that lived in me. Pictured here without our hats, and corrie without her fairy boots and wings!
Corrina's double chin is nicely highlighted in this photo, as is her two front teeth! She added to that mouthful just yesterday when we saw the beginning of a front top tooth just barley poking through. Also, note the plastic container, which i could not take from her all day without much crying and whinning. Oh, personality!


JAnie & DAve said...

Ops, i forgot the picture of the cake.. i will get it up yet!

westcoastloon said...

yeah pictures of Colvinsons!!! Makes my heart happy :)

I am SOOOO impressed with that cake! I thought they Care Bears were figurines. I have no idea how you did that. Sounds like a lot of hard work well invested for a much loved friend. What a wonderful way to say "the world is better with you in it".

Can't believe you have snow. We have rain. Not too much of a surpise I guess. I have to go car shopping tomorrow so please pray for wise car-buying and no "ooh look it's so shiny I'll pay extra" buying.

much love,

mammasita said...

Wow does Corrina ever look big, Andrew just pointed out last night on our little girl is becoming her own person. She is trying really hard to walk now. We have to forsure get together do you like the play yahtzee??

justus said...

Janie, I love that green shirt!!

I love all the pictures of the snow. We don't have any yet, and have not seen any yet.
I hope you guys are enjoying the weather, and the change in things.
Hugs from our house to yours