Monday, November 20, 2006

Buttons and Glue

To showcase all my crafty creations i have created a new blog: Buttons and Glue. It is located at

Or... you can click on the link in my list of far away places, over to the right!
What's awaiting you there? OUR FIRST CHRISTMAS CRAFT OF THE SEASON!!!!

Take a look, and add it to your links if you would like to!

Have a creative day.

Oh, and to keep everyone happy, here is a Corrina picture:


Mom Colvin said...

I checked out Buttons and Glue - great site. Loved the Christmas snowflakes AND the little bird that was snuck in beside them on the tray - did it turn out?

Keep on crafting, its good for the soul (and mental health!)

Love, Mom XX

JAnie & DAve said...

Thanks! Dave made the cutest penguin (the bird you saw). I will get a picture of it up! Our table is litered with Christmas making things... dough, sewing, baby shoes, magazines, lists, and ideas... and soon baking!

Loving it!

Sue said...

oooooooooooooooooh way too cute. thank you for the happy picture. :)

can't wait to check yoru site!

from sue

Tricia said...

Did I mention that you make absolutely warped mixed cds Janie? I thought I made crazy mixes, but I don't think my skills even compare to yours. I swear I was listening to about 14 different movie soundtracks.