Thursday, November 23, 2006

mini crisis

Today Corrina experienced her first day of Daycare. We hadn't expected this new adventure to begin until January, but when it comes to infant daycare spaces in Winnipeg you take what you can get, WHENEVER you can get it. Last friday i received a phone call from the daycare with a spot for us. I had just called them the day before to let them know that i was still interested and was looking for anything from now until January. I couldn't believe that i received a phone call one day later! Wow. What a decision to make. Should we take this spot at a perfectly located care centre (it is about a 15 minute walk from our home, 5 from my school, and 10 from dave's work), and start early, giving up my time with Corrina and straining our finances, or should we pass this one by and kick ourselves later if we don't get a spot anywhere. What if i can't go back to school/work because we don't have care. I was very unsure of what to do, and went into mini crisis mode. Oh, the stress. I hate stress.
After talking with a few people from church who know about the struggle of finding quality childcare we decided to go look at the daycare, meet the person who would be watching Corrina and then make a decision. I picked Dave up from work and we met with the director and talked the situation over. We thought about it over the weekend, and as i have already mentioned that Corrina was there today, we accepted the position.
Corrina was so excited to play with new toys and other children that i don't think she even noticed that i was over in the corner playing with other little ones and watching her interact. She has a great attention span, doesn't share, loves mirrors, shows off all her skills to any adult who will watch her, and generaly enjoys the environment. She enjoyed her day so much that when morning naptime came she did not want to sleep. She just wanted to play and be with all the other children. So, after an hour of trying to get her comfortable with her playpen i decided to feed her lunch and leave for a bit.
I wandered around the city feeling quite lost, without purpose and a little naked without a stroller and babe in front of me. I missed her, but was not worried that she was having a tough time. I stopped by my future school to met with the admissions counselor that has been helping me. We took a little tour of the city and chatted about courses and such. I am excited to get back into studying.
When i returned to the daycare a few hours later Corrina was still happily playing. She apparently had ended up sleeping for about 40 minutes (this is horrible in my opinion since she usualy takes a good 1.5 nap in the morn, and again in the afternoon.) and then just continued playing, while yawning the whole time. I hope she adjusts to her new environment and learns to sleep again.
Now that we are home she is taking a nap. I don't want her to lose all her great sleeping skills. I don't want her to be grumpy because she isn't getting enough rest. I hope something works out at daycare. I will have to be extra earnest in my prayers for her.

All in all it has been a good experience. Tomorrow i plan on leaving her for about 4 hours. I will come home and get a few things done while she learns and grows in a new environment.
That's my little story. Mini Crisis over, all is well, we hope!


Mom Colvin said...

Janie & Dave,

So glad that you took the daycare space :) I remember how weird it felt the first time after Mark was born when I went out without a stroller to push - I thought I was going to fall over! I adjusted though and learned to really enjoy those "me" times.

How great that Corrina loves to ineract with people and isn't sitting in a corner crying. I hope that she does get her naps worked out so that she gets enough sleep.

Hope that you can all settle into this new routine and take full advantage of it.

Let us know when you get your acceptance from the college Janie.

love, Mom $ Dad XX

Sue said...

Dave, Janie, Corrina: you guys have awesome parents/grandparents. :)
they are so fun and loveable and kind.aaaw shucks, they are great to hang out with...almost like a piece of you here with us. :) sigh. haha.

i truly hope that the sleep-issue mends quickly. i hope schedules work out so that you still get a lot of interaction with your delightful darling. I really hope that your courses are not super demanding of you Janie, so that home life is still relaxed and fun.

Enjoy your learning times. love from sue.

Lori said...

Sounds like Corrina's got it figured out and will adjust faster than you! But I guess, kids are resiliant, eh?

justus said...

Sounds like Corrina will be just fine with a daycare! She is going to enjoy playing with other kids. It is such a great experience for her to be with others.
Praying for everything. Keep us posted as to whats going on! Hugs

mammasita said...

oh my gosh janie im so excited for you!!! I guess I should really get on the ball and call around for elaina!! I just keep forgetting, Im glad Corrina will get to play with other little ones before you know it she will come home and show you more little things that she has learned

dr riptide said...

Wow! Big day. Glad Corrine enjoys daycare. It bet it's strange having some new free time. I would love some Christmas craft ideas if you have any fun ones to share. I'm struggling getting our house to feel Christmasy on a tight budget. Hope all is well.



Anonymous said...

oh, i left a comment but deleted it somehow. anyway, i was saying yay for corinna! i'm sure that soon the excitement of daycare will become the norm for her, and she'll realize she needs her naps again :) But she seems to have adjusted really well so far! yay!

Tammy said...

I am so glad you found a space at day care for crrina. You were very worried about it for a while. It is too bad that you wil miss you lest few weeks at home alone with her, but you never know if anythgin else would come available in time. I'm glad to hear she enjoyed herself. Hope you find ways to keep you busy while she is off playing. :) love you!!

Rachel Z said...

Yay God! I'm so glad everything will be in place for when you go to school in January. But it sure will be weird when you're home and she's not. Glad you have Christmas activities to keep you occupied.

Rach said...

Wow. That's a Big Day. It reminded me of a story I read in a book by Anne Lammot. She said that she was at a writer's conference, and it was her 7 year old's birthday. And a sky diver landed right in front of them, and basically offered to jump off a mountain with her kid for his birthday. Of course, for him, that was a dream come true. In quietness and prayer and a bunch of freaking out, she was able to make the right decision. So I guess parents face a lot of mountains. And trust and faith are important. I'm really, really excited for you, Janie and Dave, and I'm proud of Corrina.