Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Announcement: I am done Christmas shopping, but haven't even begun to put together Christmas cards. A little backwards this year. You WILL get a picture and a card!!!

Instead of a buy nothing CHristmas we decided to have a buy less Christmas at our home. We also had a more-homemade Christmas and shared our crafting abilities with friends.

Dave put up our Christmas Village over the weekend. It is beautiful, i love it, and it reminds me of being a child. At our house my mom would instruct us to collect a few of our toys to place on puffs of cotton batting/stuffing. Of course lights shone through from underneat creating a beautiful, cartoony glow. The toy that always made it to the village was our Ewoke play set. I'm talking the original from the Ewoke/star wars movies... created sometimes in the 70's or 80's. My mom saved this play set and all it's parts, and now it is the central piece in our Family Christmas Village. Dave did an extraordinary job setting up the display. Each little group of toys has a story line, a song, and a task! Very involved! Thanks dave, i love you. I can't wait until we can have corrina bring her favorite toys for the Christmas village. I imagine in a few years if will spread over our kitchen table!

Last week we were out at Christmas Shing digs almost every night. Corrina was home one night out of 7 or 8. Absolutely too much coming and going, but none the less a lot of fun. We even attened a Christmas party at a extraveagent home where servers took our coats and shoes, poured our drinks and carried trays offering delivciously obscure H'orderves. Our pastor's wife at church gave Corrina a cute little Christmas dress. I will snap a photo next time she is dressed up. For now here are some pictures of her playing on her new push car, coloring (both her face and her paper), and wearing too-big rubber boots that Candace spotted at the thrift store. Actually, i had one of my most sucessful thrift store runs last week. I found two awesome wool coats, lots of Dave (currently wrapped under the tree), and many cute things for Corrina.
Oh yes, back to pictures..

Do you see what i see? A nice shade of green in the corner of her mouth. Last week at daycare Corrina colored her very own black moustache on her upper lip using the classic licorice smelly marker. I had just dropped her off and she was already into the coloring! I think she likes to taste the markers and crayons more than make art with them! I just hope the daycare gets crayon soon, and i am not too sure about getting marker off of leather robeez. Maybe spray and wash will work! I think you can see her top teeth in this picture if you look closley.

Not the new Christmas dress, but the new christmas push car (from Grandma Judy... babies get lots of early presents!) She can actualy push herself both forward and backwards on this thing. She has also mastered getting off, which just means she leans over until she and the car topple over, then she crawls away happily! (those shoes are also from the thrift store. Really great day, i'm telling ya!)

our favorite girl Bre visited us


Anonymous said...

Glad to see lots of pictures of Corrina, I cant believe how much the kids are growing. She sure is getting some teeth!!
Wow she is colouring already, I havent tried that one yet, maybe thats something new I can try with her.

oh yeah we should get togther when everything slows down! I would love to make a hat or something,,,,

chat laterz

Lori said...

she's got the creative genes, that's the reason for the interest in coloring already, I bet! There's no way she could avoid those genes with the parents she has!!! It's so great!

Sue said...


sweet. super cute. lovely. darling.

Happy Christmas week folks, enjoy your jolly daughter and all the delights that come with the season.

from the nauslings.

westcoastloon said...

LOVE the Christmas Village! What a grat tradition. I have posted the photo on our staff blog and issued a challenge to all the techies I work with to name all the characters. (I count 32, if you count all the veggies as one). It took me a while to find Yoda but I laughed pretty hard when I saw what was going on.

much love to the pair of you and your beautiful daughter,

JAnie & DAve said...

Hey Claire,

That's TOO Awesome! I count 36 Characters in the photo, 4 of which are pretty badly obscured so I understand why you wouldn't get them. Can you make out the Homestar Nativity scene on the second level? Can people identify specific names and or models? Or just "Transformer"? Tell me more! Do you need any help? Can people tell the stories of what's going on? THIS IS SO MUCH FUN!
Eagerly awaiting your response,

westcoastloon said...

36? Wow I thought I was doing pretty good with 32. I was wondering what the Cheat was doing exactly but I can see now that he's the central figure in the nativity. Soo cool! So far Kim has identified (correctly?) the it's Optimus Prime helping Yoda out with the star. The "Mary" figure in the nativity has everyone stumped. I know Kermit & Chewbacca & Rizzo are trimming the tree, I'm guessing that Strongbad, Homestar and the two little transformers are roasting chestnuts over an open fire? Are the transformers part of that construction set that all come together to form one huge guy?

The Ewok and Mario are wrapping presents, Piggy & Fozzie are building a snowman. (Side note, do you remember hte Muppet Babies plush toys McDOnald's had one Christmas? THe Fozzie one was so cool.) I'm guessing that Animal is the Little Drummer Boy.

Janie said that each scene has it's own song, is each one a Christmas carol? How am I doing so far?

JAnie & DAve said...

Don't worry, Claire. Like I said, the other 4 are VERY badly obscurred. As in, one is just an arm and leg in the photo!

So let's see! Yes, that is in fact Optimus Prime with Yoda (The Dogde-Ram Alternator's Optimus with a vintage Yoda). Someone else is trimming the tree, but I'll bet it's impossible to tell who (he's standing in front on Optimus' leg). No, those are not "Contructicons" but rather Minicons from the Armada series.

And YES! Of COURSE I remember those amazing muppet babies! (not to be confused with the hard-plastic figures that have become so popular).

And as far as story and song, Janie MAY have exagerated a little. Most of the figures have some implied action or dialogue, and the choir is meant to be singing a specific song, but not EVERYone everyone. For example, Spider-man is pretty much just hanging out. But yes, you have correctly identified Piggy and Fozzie, Mario and the Ewok. And yes indeed, Animal is the Little Drummer Boy (a role a certain character isn't too please about!). In short, sounds like you all are doing GREAT!

Oh what fun it is to guess! (in a no-hoursed open blogsphere!)


PS: The characters in the H*R Nativity are all wearing home-made costumes, but who would you guess was playing Mary? There's practically only one female in the whole Homestar Universe!

Tammy said...

I will say hi to my grandparents for you for sure. they always ask about you. and yes we are planning to be out in may of next year, that is what we are hoping for anyway. we will definately find time to come visit you ;)
miss you have a good christmas!!!