Wednesday, December 13, 2006


The sentance that follows is only partialy true. I have been composing this post on both computers... read on...

Imac! This post is coming to you from our new imac computer. We bought it so dave could develope his animation skills on a computer that has many more capabilities than our old (sitting right beside me) computer. It feels very odd to be on this one, while the other one is just inches away, staring me longlingly in the face. Ahhboooo. Poor old compy. We will keep it around though because it has years and years of dave's art projects on it.
Oh no, i was just looking at the menu bar for this blog post and the only option avaliable to me is "photos'. Well, at least that one is there. I wonder why that is. Hmmm. Not that i use any of the other ones anyways.
I will try to add photos, but i don't really know where they live yet on this computer so i might not find them. You will know if i did or didn't!
Today i am working on wrapping gifts, and putting together things that need to be mailed. We have an event out EVERY night this week, a little too much for me, but all are important so i hope i can accomplish a fair amount in this next hour or so.
Corrina is at day care playing her little heart out. There is a very noisey plane flying overhead. I hate that sound because i often think something dangerous is about to happen.
Anywho, picture time. maybe.

I made a little reversible dress for baby corrie. It is a tad too wide (i am so not good at sewing without a pattern), but generally cute. I had such a great time creating the details, learning to sew button holes, and trying my hardest to do a neat job. I often rush through projects but i took time to complete this one with careful stiches of love.

Dave and I had our hair cut just over the weekend. We both like our new tresses.

One last note: Hello to everyone! I have been reading blogs but not making time to leave thoughts and comments. This goes out especialy to family, whose adventures and photos we have been enjoying! and oh.. we are just waiting for our family photos to be sent from the photographer and then your Christmas cards will come, baring photos and creativity. Love to all.


Sue said...



Mom Colvin said...

Janie I love that dress! I especially like the little bird, very cute indeed.

Also - great haircuts!
So pleased you have your new computer. We STILL haven't got the hard drive from the old computer hooked up to the new one - not sure how to do it :( Poor bewildered Oldies!

Oh well, maybe during Christmas break, if we find time between painting the hall and maybe one of the spare bedrooms.

Love, Mom XX

Anonymous said...

we are friends of rachel and mark. They told us to check out your blog because it was one of the best they had seen.... and they were right! We've gotten lots of great tips from looking at your blog. One question we had was regarding the youtube : our youtube videos do not align with our blog formatting so it cuts off part of the screen. do you have any suggestions?

jenelle and cameron

Anonymous said...

Am I supposed to interpret myself as family? Or was the message not intended for me?

Tammy said...

the dresses are beautiful. i love them. They are going to look so cute on corrina. i'm also feeling the hair cutes. you both look good!! can't wait to se family photos!!!!
ps a phone date would be nice.

Lori said...

Very cute dress!
My roomate has a IMac, and it makes me feel lost, I know what you mean! It's nice, but it's so different.

westcoastloon said...

JAnie your creativeness is always such a delight! I LOVE the dress and how fun that it can be worn two ways. How wonderful to wrap your daughter up in your creative imagining and stiches of love. I want to come over for tea.

I put Christmas gifties in the mail to you today which may or may not actually make it in time for Christmas. But they might. And if not, know that they are coming and you might get an extra pressie to open after Christmas if they are late.

Much love to you three,

Anonymous said...

great job on the ever so cute dress! What a wonderful way to make your daughter look beautiful!
I like the haircuts! I wish I could convince some family here to do the smae...

BTW... once you use a MAC... don't don't go back!.... speaking from experience!

Have a wonderful Christmas!!

Anonymous said...

I was looking at your cluster map, and I think it's highly entertaining that all of the Asia one's are mine (with the exception of Japan). I'm the one that accessed your blog from three spots in India, one in Malaysia, one in Singapore, and many time in Hong Kong. I've created lots of dots.